Go Math Math Textbook

  • Course Overview: 8th Grade GO Math! and Algebra 1 (Book 1) are standards-based math programs that provide students with innovative, research-based math curricula for middle school students. In addition, the instructional materials were written specifically for Georgia middle school students. Throughout the lessons, students build new knowledge based upon prior knowledge. Math is applied to real-world situations so that students can see that it is meaningful. Models and manipulatives are used to reinforce math instruction found in the book.  Additional practice and reinforcements are found on line. The textbooks are yours to keep. You may highlight a key term or take notes in the margins.


    Units of Study:                                                                                                                    

    Unit 1: Reasoning with Linear Equations and Inequalities

    Unit 2: Solving Systems of Equations

    Unit 3: Describing Data

    Unit 4: Geometric Applications of Exponents

    Unit 5: Transformations, Congruence, and Similarity

    Unit 6: Relationships Between Quantities and Expressions

    Unit 7: Algebra 1B Preview