Each class is 55 minutes and Kinder is 30 minutes. We meet once or twice a week from Kinderten to Fifth Grade for an introduction of the Spanish language and culture.  

    Dear students and parents,

     ¡Hola! Welcome to Spanish Class, I’m excited to once again get the opportunity to meet and teach your children. Spanish class is a fun and exciting way to learn more about the Hispanic culture, traditions and language. Students will learn to appreciate the Spanish culture through improving their grammar and verbal skills while applying the knowledge in world life situations. I am looking forward to a happy and productive school year 2018-2019!

    Students are asked to bring the following supplies to class:

    • Pencils (1st-5th grade)
    • Box of tissue (Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade)
    • Hand sanitizer (3rd, 4th and 5th grade)

    Please label supplies with “SPANISH” somewhere so that the homeroom teacher will send the supplies.

    Grading Policy:

    45% Oral participation: Students are encourage to speak Spanish whenever possible, especially while in Spanish class and activities. Grades K-5

    35% Classwork: This include activities during the lesson by working individually, with a partner or in groups. Most project work is done during class time. Students are expected to complete on time and while in class. Grades K-5  Projects: 3-5

    15% Quizzes and Test: Students will take periodical unit quizzes at least twice every 9-week period. For test students will take a test at least once every semester. They will be given advance notice of test in order to study. Grades: 3-5

    5% Homework: When assignments are given they will be posted in the classroom and are always due by next class (unless specify otherwise). Students should be able to complete assignments on their own. They are always based on the material and content that is covered in class. Grades: 3-5

    Classroom Policies:

    • We respect one another
    • We pay attention and listen when someone is talking
    • We raaise our hand
    • ALWAYS practice your Spanish words out loud

    If you have any questions or concerns and/or if you would like to schedule a conference, you can contact me at (706) 855-2540 or via email at mauraye@richmond.k12.ga.us. The best time to reach me is after 3:15pm.


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