• Why Use Remind?  The code for this class: @ge87da

    Remind helps you stay connected

    You are your child’s first teacher. Student success depends on the support of networks that include parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders in their school communities.

    To strengthen these partnerships, teachers are using Remind to bring learning home. Remind is a free messaging app that keeps families up to date with what’s happening in the classroom.

    Teachers can send messages to an entire class, smaller groups, or individuals. These quick, simple messages can help you and your student stay informed about

    • Homework assignments
    • Field trip updates
    • Schedule changes
    • Personalized support or feedback
    • And more

    Remind is built for education

    • Personal contact information stays private. Phone numbers aren’t exchanged between teachers, students, and parents.

    • Messages can’t be edited or deleted, so a complete message history is always available to access and download.

    • Everyone has the ability to report users who violate Remind’s Community Guidelines.

    • Students under the age of 13 need to enter a parent or guardian’s email address before using Remind. They can only receive messages from their teachers.

    Remind is accessible

    • Teachers can use Remind to reach students and parents on any device, including texting-only phones—no smartphones necessary.

    • Students and parents can receive Remind messages by text (in the United States and Canada), email, and push notifications on the app.

    • Remind is free to use for teachers, students, and parents. Standard text messaging and data rates may apply, so check to see if you’re on a per-text phone plan or a limited data plan. But you can always log in to your account on the web.

    • The mobile app is available in six different languages. If you use Remind in Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazilian), or German, you can automatically translate messages sent in different languages.

    Remind helps save time

    • No more outdated school websites or long newsletters. Remind messages are shorter than 300 characters and sent directly to your mobile phone.

    • If you have the ability to compose a message, you can reach out to teachers or other parents in a class. Watch for teachers’ office hours to see when you’ll get the quickest response.

    • Stay in touch on-the-go. Send PDFs, personalized voice clips, and quick photos of permission slips or assignments directly from your phone.

    Signing up is easy

    To join a Remind class, you’ll need a class code from a teacher, coach, administrator, or organization leader. Each code is unique, but it always looks like this: @classcode.

    Once you have a class code, there are three ways to join the class:

    1. Sign up for text notifications by texting @ge87da to 81010.

    2. Go to the classcode and follow the directions.

    3. Download the Remind app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up for an account with your email address, and enter the class code when prompted.