Celebrating our love of reading using myON.  After you receive your username and password from your teacher, click on the link below to let the adventure begin.

    myON Login

    Use a school computer, home computer, tablet or smartphone to access the Book of the Day.  You can read the Book of the Day in your classroom, in the library media center or at home. Your classroom teacher or library media specialist can provide you with a reading log to keep track of the books you read this school year.  Click on the link below to access the Book of the Day.

     myON Book of the Day

    If you would like to read something other than the Book of the Day, please click on the link below to access more reading choices.  You may read as many books as you'd like each day, just make sure you record your book information on your reading log.

    myON Monthly Reading Lists

    You may get a reading log from your classroom teacher or your library media specialist.  You may also get a copy by clicking on the link below.

     My Reading Log