This summer you will be required to complete one small project. This is an introduction to my course and will give you an idea of the type of projects I like and will let you see how I grade projects before they become much larger.


    About Me Book Project:

    1. You should make a booklet, however you want.

    2. The front page must have a title and a current picture of you with no one else in it.

    3. There must be a table of contents. 

    4. The pages can be in any order you want.

    5. You must include artwork, drawings or pictures on each page. You are not being graded on artistic ability, but it must be neat and organized. 

    6. You must write at least one paragraph on each page in the book.

    7. The book must contain the following pages/themes: Describe you physically, what sports do you like/play?, What music do you like?, What is your pathway at DFA?, What is your favorite and least favorite class/subject?, Hobbies/interests that you have, What is something very few people know about you?, Fears that you have, something funny about yourself, A family tree/list, How do you best learn?, What is one thing you wish could change at DFA?, What do you think we should talk about in health class?, Where have you lived/Where were you born?, Any other information you would like to share (Must write something on this page).


    Criteria: It should be neat and organized. I want you to be creative and expressive. As long as it contains all of the pages then you can create it any way you want to. Think outside of the box!

    Have fun and I hope you enjoy your summer!!! This is due on the first day of school!!!!!!!


    FOR PE: Only for Coach K PE, PF, WT Classes


    Students should record 30 hours of physical activity.

    Write what activity you did, who you did it with, where did you do it at and describe the benefit you felt both physically and mentally.

    Can be written as a fitness journal or essay format. Each entry should be at least 2-3 sentences describing the benefits. 



    Students participating will have more than 30 hours of physical activity listed.


    Extra Credit: Sign up for the Health and/or PE Remind. You should also join the Health DFA Quizlet if in health class. The join codes can be found on my teacher webpage. Also the class of 2023 can join their respective group.