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    Pre-K Supply List


    **Please label everything with your child’s name**


    -Daily Folder

    Please check folders every day.  Notes, transportation changes, and money should be sent to us in these folders.


    -Full size book bag 

    The small book bags are adorable, but your little one will need a big book bag.  They will need room for folders, sheets, blankets, lunch boxes, clothing, etc.  The small ones just won’t fit everything!


    -A mat for nap time (they will be placed in plastic bags for sanitary storage)


    -A fitted sheet or blanket to cover the mat


    -A blanket for child to cover up with


    -Two sets of extra clothing.

    Shirt, pants, socks, and underwear constitutes a full set of clothing.  Please place each set of clothes in a gallon-size zip loc bag with your child’s name labeled on it.  When the weather begins to change, we will send the extra clothing home so that more appropriate clothing can be sent back.



    *The previous materials are required of every Pre-K student.  They will not need to bring any instructional materials to school (paper, pencils, crayons, etc.), however, you may want to keep these items at home for at-home practice assignments.* 


    **If you choose to send a pillow and/or stuffed animal for nap time, they must be small enough to fit in a labeled gallon-size zip loc bag which will remain in their nap time bag.  There are no other ways to store these items in a sanitary manner.  If these optional items are not sent in following this criteria, they will be sent back home with your child.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.**