• Visual Art III  - 2019-202 
    Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School  

    Dr. Karen Heid – Email – heidka@richmond.k12.ga.us 


    Art III is the third of six sequential art courses that we offer at Davidson Fine Arts. Art III is 50 minutes long and meets every day. During this two-semester course, students will continue their work in the elements of art and principals of design. Additionally, students will be strengthening their ability to come up with ideas for creating unique and individual artworks. Much of this course relies on learning the skills of drawing, however watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, and other 2D media will be introduced. Students will also be firmly grounded in art terminology, drawing techniques, aesthetics, craftsmanship, art history, and art criticism in preparation for Visual Art IV.  

    Learning Outcomes: 

    At the end of this course the student will be able to: 

    1. Define the Elements of Art and Principals of Design
    2. Use various kinds of value, color, and texture to add depth and texture to their artworks 
    3. Define linear perspective (two-point and one point), and atmospheric perspective 
    4. Engage in a Critique and use art criticism to judge other artworks 
    5. Discuss 10 Artists and their place in Art History 
    6. Put to use various terminology particular to the visual arts 
    7. Create artworks that are unique and crafted well 


    Each student is to arrive to class prepared and ready to work. Students will store their bookbags in the assigned area and will not need anything else at their work tables.  

    Students should get their work out and be ready for instructions. If the day is a studio day, the student may begin their work before the bell rings.  

    Students should not chew gum or eat while they are in art class. Many materials are not made to be ingested and can be dangerous.


    Students who have technology will be invited to listen to music or look up images on the teacher's terms. The student should not expect to bring their phones or tablets to the work table unless the teacher says it is alright. Always ask to use technology. Technology usage is a privilege, not a right.  

    A.R.T. - Rules 

    – Always Ask questions – Please raise your hand 
    – Respect! Respect your artwork, Respect art materials, Respect peers, Respect your teacher!  
    T– Think! Think before you talk, Think about your artwork to make it the best it can be!  

    Assigned Seats 

    You will be given an assigned seat in order to make it easier for the teacher to take roll and so that she might find you easily.   

    Art Shows 

    There will be two art shows this year. The first is on December 12th from 4-7 before the band concert. The second is during the Fine Arts Festival in May. Please treat your art exhibition s if you would any other recital or performing art. You are needed to be present! All of your artwork will be kept by your teacher until the final days of school. At this time you will create a portfolio and take all your artwork home.  

    Art Supplies

    Each student will be expected to bring his or her own supplies for daily use in the classroom. A supply list is found at the bottom of the syllabus. 


    Each student will keep their own sketchbook. Students should keep class notes, sketches, artworks, ideas and doodles in their sketchbooks and it should be kept in the art classroom at all times. Students can take their sketchbooks home at the end of the year.  


    Grades will be assigned for each artwork and for sketchbooks as they are turned in. Students will also get a weekly grade that is determined by the teacher.  These three grades are averaged to determine the final grade. 

    Project Grades (60%) – Projects as they are assigned (up to 6 in a semester) 
    Sketchbook Grade (20%) – When the sketchbook is turned in (monthly turn-in dates, 5 per semester) 
    Weekly Grade (20%) – Includes behavior, effort, and how hard the student is working. The student will get up to 20 points per day for his/her weekly grade. If a student is off task one day his/her weekly grade will automatically be reduced to 80. 2 times off task is a 60. 


    At the end of each project, students will turn in their work by loading it up on an online platform called Artsonia. The artwork will not be considered finished or turned in until it is uploaded to Artsonia. Dr. Heid will provide a camera and a place for students to take pictures of their artwork for upload. Parents will need to give permission for the artwork to be made public. Parents will receive an email from Artsonia, and only need to check "yes" to give permission. Student names are coded so that names and artworks are not associated except by parents. Parents and family members will be able to purchase many items with their child's artwork through Artsonia. 20% of what is sold comes back to our art classroom to be used for supplies.  

    Permission Slips 

    Dr. Heid will pass out a permission slip form that will allow students to walk downtown as a class to study various flora and fauna, see art shows, and look at architecture. They will be sent home the first week of school and will be a blanket permission slip for the rest of the year. 

    Summer Work 

    Summer work is graded as if it is a regular project grade. It is due on Monday, August 12th. No late work is accepted.

    Supply List

    Class Sketchbook  (no larger than 9 x 12
    10 No. 2 Pencils  
    2 White Erasers  
    2 Ebony Pencils 
    Set of Prisma Color Pencils (at least 24, preferably 48)
    Pencil Sharpener  
    Small Pencil Box

    Important Things to Remember

    Middle School Art Exhibition - December 12th from 4-7 PM
    Permission to Artsonia 
    Permission to walk around campus
    Supplies by Monday, August 12th

    Summer Work is also due Monday, August 12