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Mr. Hewitt's biographical page

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Hi My name is Mr. Hewitt, and I will be responsible for teaching your child Business Education for 2018-2019 at Morgan Road Middle School. I am a graduate of Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in History and Finance. I am also a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.


It will be an honor to introduce your child to world of finance. Many individuals are ignorant to power of money and finance. We fail to understand concept of making money work for us instead of we working for money. In 1928, the late father of John and Robert Kennedy gave his children on their 8th birthday a million dollars. They did not spend their money and by time they were adults, the money had grown to such heights that they never had to work remainder of their lives. Many of our children dream of being athletes and rappers. But, they fail to understand concept of taxes and requirement that you have to file taxes in each venue you work. So if you perform in New York City, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts, at conclusion of year, you have to pay taxes on income you derive from performing in each of these municipalities. Think of Kevin Durant, each city that Golden State Warriors play within a year, he must file a tax return to that city in which he plays. So over an Eighty-two game schedule. You can estimate taxes he owes to those particular cities from his $40,000,000 National Basketball income.

So in conclusion I will say our goal this year is to let money work for you, instead of you working for money. Karl Marx, one of the fiercest critics of Capitalism, later lamented that he wished he had pursued studying inner working of making money work for him instead of finding fault in how it performs an individual’s life.