• Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

    Granted, this year has started of a little rocky for all of us. The first week of school I was out due to extended surgical recovery and then, when I returned, we transitined to Learn from Home for 10 days.

    I am excited about seeing all of my students that I have not seen in over a year and a half due to virtual learning. We have all come back together to learn and get back to our regular learning environment.

    The first semester we will be having Health class, which helps with following CDC Guidelines - no shared manipulatives. We will be covering topics such as, wellness, mental health, diseases, dietary needs, alcohol and drug abuse/use, abstinence, and many more topics necessary for a healthy life. 

    Second semester, we are looking at incorporating Personal Fitness (8th grade high school credit course) and Physical Education for 6th and 7th grades. In both classes, we will concentrate on becoming more physically fit while understanding the data received from FitnessGram, Fitness Assessments, and biometric information. By using this data, students can learn how to better their physical health and track their personal "numbers"/data to ensure they are living healthy.

    I am available everday via email: bangulo@richmond.k12.ga.us. My planning is from 9-10. I respond to every email within 24 hours. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns about the curriculum or grading. 

    I am looking forward to teaching everyone and getting to knowa them throughout the school year.

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  • Coach Lori L. Wooley, Ed.S.


    Middle School Health, Physical Education & Personal Fitness teacher

    3925 Harper Franklin Avenue

    Augusta, GA 30909

    706-821-2766  ext. 1074( school tele#)

    706-228-2403 (school fax)


    Class schedule:

    Falcon Time - 9:10-9:55am - in Homeroom classes

    1st period: 10:00- 10:55 am- 6th grade 

    2nd period: 10:55 - 11:50 am- 6th grade 

    3rd period: 11:50- 12:15 pm- 7th grade (includes lunch)

    4th period: 1:15-2:10 pm- 7th grade 

    5th period: 2:10-3:05pm- 8th grade 

    6th period: 3:05-4:00pm- 8th grade 


    Duty and Planning Schedule

    Morning Duty: 8:30-9:00 am - outside car line 

    Planning / Lunch: 9:00-10:00 & 11:50 am-12:20 pm

    Afternoon Duty: 4:00- 4:30 pm outside car line