Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education (CTAE)


    The purpose and role of Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education (CTAE) is to support student in becoming career and college ready. Students are provided work-based learning opportunities and academic rigor to enhance their knowledge and skills in preparation for the workforce.





    Engineering & Technology

    Is a pathway under CTAE programs. The idea is to create an atmosphere over a 3 year process that integrate the first year of Foundation of Engineering, second year of Engineering Concepts, and the third year of Engineering Application leading to the student' preparation for the workforce and becoming a productive citizen.


    Foundation of Engineering & Technology is the introductory course for the pathway. It will provide students with an overview of Engineering & Technology to include different methods used in the engineering design process. Students will learn through project-based activities to create a successful exchange between learning and implementation.


    Engineering Concepts is the second course in the Engineering & Technology pathway. The prerequisite to this course is Foundation of Engineering & Technology. Student learn to design technical solutions to engineering problem using a whole systems approach to engineering design. Student will utilize mathematical tools, communication skills, and teamwork to solve some of the many challenges to being in the field of engineering. Student will learn and practice maintaining a safe working environment.


    Engineering Application concludes a 3 year pathway program that encompass the learning of the previous two courses. Students will test their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to develop solutions to technological problem. These solution will be developed using a combination of engineering software and prototype production processes, market research, cost of benefit analysis, and an understanding of the design cycle to create and present  design, market, and business plans for their solutions. The student will complete the pathway by emonstrating their depth of knowledge of the engineering design process  and preparation for the field of engineering  with a capstone project.