• *** If you missed a journal, here they are. 


    #1: 8/8 - Using evidence from chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men, compare the narrator's descriptions of George and Lennie to the imagery of the setting? What 

                   could the connection to the setting symbolize?


    #2 8/15 - Write a 10 line biography poem for one of the characters from the summer novels.


    #3 8/15 - What is your favorite academic subject and fine art? Explain why!


    #4 8/20 - Read Susan Power's essay "Museum Indians" in textbook pages 35-39. What is the author's tone towards her mother and her heritage? Write your

                   answer in a well-developed paragraph.


    #5 8/22 - Answer these questions: What are the characteristics of a trickster tale? Why is the "trickster" a universal archetype? Why would people tell these

                   stories? What purpose do these stories serve? What can we learn about a Native American tribe from reading its tales, such as: What do they value?

                   What is their landscape? What is their diet? etc.