• See bottom of page for information on HMS approved companies for 2019-2020


    ****Your Child will be tested and signed up for a specific instrument.  The Band Director has approved assigned choices.  Any changes requested by student or parent must be approved by the band director****


    Hephzibah Middle School Band Rental Night Information


    Dear Parents/Guardians,

                I am extremely excited to have your child enrolled in the HMS Band program this year.  This is a program that meets in connections periods everyday, and not the band club that was around 2 years ago.  As you know, it is a great experience for your child to be involved in music in some way.  I am looking to provide as many opportunities and experiences as possible, and keep adding to, and growing the program each year.

                Through the remainder of the next 2 weeks your child will go through testing and fitments to help determine what instrument he/she will be most successful on.  After these tests, your child will be recommended for up to 3 different instrument selections.  Each child must be approved for their instrument of choice after the testing process is complete.  Percussion slots are limited to 5 students per grade level.  There is an additional test/audition section in place for those interested in playing percussion (drums).  Only the top combined test scores will be admitted into the percussion line.  If your child auditions and does not make the line, we will have a backup option to learn a different instrument.  Please be prepared for this because YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE REMOVED FROM BAND BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SCORE HIGH ENOUGH TO BE ON THE PERCUSSION LINE.  HE/SHE WILL SIMPLY HAVE TO LEARN A DIFFERENT INSTRUMENT.

    Band is an investment in your child.  It is required for parents/guardians to rent or purchase an instrument for your child.   In the spirit of providing opportunity, I have reached out to what I consider the best companies around this area to help with providing rental and purchase opportunities for you.  The company coming this 2019-2020 school year to run our rental nights, O'Malley's Music, has great pricing and great products.  I highly encourage both parents/guardians, and even other family members to come to the rental meetings that I have set in place for you.

    **You are not required to purchase/rent from any company that I bring to the school.  You have the freedom to purchase or rent instruments from any company you wish. If you decide to purchase on your own, please heed the following word of caution:

    CAUTION:  Please consult me (the Band Director) before making a final purchase outside the rental nights that I have setup for you.  I want you to avoid what band directors and professional instrument repair technicians refer to as the “ebay special”.  This is referring to the “shiny” new, off brand instrument, that may look great on the price tag, but will not last more than maybe a year, or in many cases, a couple of months.  These instruments are commonly very pretty, and very cheap.  The normal issues are cheap metals that are very delicate and many times, too thin for repairs that may need to occur later down the line (most shops refuse to even attempt to work on them); poor quality construction (welds breaking, poor valve designs, alignment issues, unfinished keys, bad adhesives on cork parts, cheap pads that won’t seal correctly, cracks, blockages, VERY BAD TUNING PROBLEMS!!!).  In most cases these instruments will do nothing but eventually frustrate your child, therefore killing their interest in band.  PLEASE CONSULT ME BEFORE PURCHASING ON YOUR OWN! 

    **There are many good online purchasing options to include ebay.  Let me help you make a wise decision in this regard.  After all, it is an investment in your child.  This is not disposable money.

    The schedule is as follows:

    Thursday, August 22, 4-7pm   O'Malley Music from Douglas, GA

    Thursday, August 29, 4-7pm   O’Malley Music from Douglas, GA

    *Pecknel Music in Lexington, SC, Kirkwood’s Music and Portman's Music in Augusta, GA also provide rental/purchase programs, but will not be setting up a rental night.  Information on Pecknel, Kirkwood’s, and Portmans rental/purchase programs will be passed out in class.


    Your child is required to have an instrument, book(s) and all required materials set forth in the syllabus by Wednesday, September 4, 2019.


    I am looking forward to seeing some of you again and meeting everyone that I have not encountered to date.  If you would like to come to both rental nights, you are more than welcome! Please put forth your best effort to at least come to one of the rental nights.  This has been put in place for you in the attempt to make things easier and more affordable, so your child can have the awesome experience of learning a new instrument and participating in something that is much larger than just the individual.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.  I will work with you to provide the opportunity your child deserves.



    John S. McDaniel

    Band/Chorus Director

    Hephzibah Middle School




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