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    Parent Codes for Edmodo. Please look a your child's schedule to find out what period they take my class.


    8th period-STEM research (xdwgtn)

    Dear Parents,


    This year we will be using Edmodo in 6th Grade Social Studies.  Edmodo is a free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.  It provides a safe way for teachers and students to connect, share content, access homework, participate in discussions, manage due dates, and receive class information.

    Unlike other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Edmodo is a tool strictly for educational purposes and we will be enforcing the following guidelines:

    1. Students will be required to use appropriate grammar instead of texting language
    2. Edmodo does not allow private student-to-student messaging - the site will be used to discuss school-related content only, and the teacher will monitor all Edmodo activity
    3. No put-downs or sarcasm toward another’s ideas. All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply

    Students who violate the guidelines above may face disciplinary action and/or face losing the privilege of using Edmodo.

    Parent Account:

    Edmodo is accessible to Teachers, Students and Parents at any time on any device through the Web. Please note that while the iPad app is not available for the Parent Accounts at this time, Parents can now download iPhone and Android apps by searching “Edmodo for Parents”.

    If you wish to follow your child’s account to stay up to date on class activities and grades, you can by signing up for your Parent Account on the website at any time.  

    If you do not yet have an Edmodo account, you can sign up for your Parent Account by following these steps:

    1. Locate your child’s parent code. This can be found on the lower left side of their student account Homepage or I can provide you with the code.

    2.. Go to www.edmodo.com and click “I’m a Parent” (located below “I’m a Teacher”).

    1. Enter the required registration information and you’ll then be logged into your Parent Account.

    Once your account is created, Parent Accounts will give you a dashboard like view of your child’s activities.  You can now reply to Notes sent to Parents, and your child’s Teacher will see this reply.  Note: with one single parent account you are able to add multiple children and will not need to create any other parent account moving forward!

    You can learn more about the Parent Account by going to the Help Center at support.edmodo.com and clicking “I’m a Parent.”

    I look forward to a great year as we incorporate the use of technology into our classroom curriculum.  If you have any questions, please contact me at perezdi@richmond.k12.ga.us


    Thank you,

    Miss Perez