Class Syllabus

personal fitness
  • Health & PE 6th and 7th grades

    Health & Personal Fitness 8th grade

    Coach Lori Wooley - Course Syllabus 2020-2021


    Course Description and Objectives

    Instructional Philosophy

    Active participation improves a student’s overall abilities in sports, coordination, and skill level. I require participation in order to improve, learn and practice new skills for a variety of sports. Each activity offers a new opportunity for students to broaden their scope of Physical Education and to gain a variety of skills for future enjoyment. Physical Education and Health are important concepts student’s will use the rest of their lives and are vital for overall wellness.


    Major Course Goals

    Students will be able to manipulate objects while increasing overall flexibility and coordination. Through Physical Education and Health classes, the students will learn to determine a healthy and balanced diet with exercise and increase their level of physical fitness. Our goal is to promote high levels of fitness, encourage fair play, good sportsmanship, and increase the wellness of each student.  Personal Fitness will incorporate Health curriculum with Physical Education activities to establish a well-rounded healthy attitude and behaviors for their future wellness.


    Major Course Projects and Instructional Activities

    PE- Students will participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge and the FitnessGram assessment (Pre and Post-test). This data will assist us in tracking a student’s fitness levels and growth in each area of physical fitness.

    Health – Students will participate in a variety of curricula that will educate them on better decision-making skills, nutrition, first aid, and overall wellness; they will also interview parents with general questions about Health and wellness concepts. This strengthens communication between parents and students and allows parents to increase open communication with their students on health topics.

     Personal Fitness - Students will participate in the Presidential Fitness Challenge and the FitnessGram assessment (Pre and Post-test). This data will assist us in tracking a student’s fitness levels and growth in each area of physical fitness; they will pair this with the knowledge of healthy food trends and positive decision making. This class will assist the student in becoming self-aware of the overall wellness of their bodies and how they can make decisions to improve and maintain a healthy self-image, physical body and positive self-concept.

    Course Assessment Plan

    Students will receive a variety of assignments designed to enhance their learning. If a student is absent, the student is responsible for the missed assignment. Students who have an excused absence will be allowed five days to turn in the missed assignment. No work will be accepted after five days.


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Always do your best- NEVER give up!

    2. Be on time (have a pass if you are tardy).

    3. Be prepared for class (either pencil and paper for Health or proper shoes for PE)

    4. Participate in discussions and ASK questions if you are unsure about a topic.


    Evaluation –  

    Summative Assessments         

     30% (minimum of three per grading period)

    **This can be any form of test. Skills test for PE or paper/pen test or oral exam for Health.**


    Formative Assessments          

    60% (minimum of nine per grading period)

    **This can be any daily grade – dressing out, participation, hand-outs/worksheets, etc.**



    10% (at teacher’s discretion)

    **Homework can consist of worksheets, skills to practice, signed activities between parent and

    child, etc.**


     School Expectations

    Follow all school rules and policies

         - Being Respectful

         - Being Responsible

         - Be a Leader


    Classroom Procedures & Expectations  

    Health Class

    1. Enter classroom using inside/quiet voices.

    2. Go directly to your seat.

    3. Prepare yourself for class (pen, pencil, paper, homework, etc.)

    4. Raise hand to:

      1. Get out of seat

      2. Participate in discussions

      3. Answer questions

    5. Exit class in an organized manner leaving your area free of trash and clutter.


    Physical Education / Gym

    1. Enter gym and sit in designated bleachers.

    2. After roll call, dress out in locker rooms and return to gym for exercises (5 minutes).

    3. Participate daily- try your best!

    4. Stay in gym unless you have been given permission to leave

    5. Dismissal is organized – you report directly back to core classes. (No wandering halls.)



    Course Materials

    Pen, pencil, paper, and a composition book (to be left in the calssroom)


    Teacher Contact Information


    In order to schedule a conference with your teachers, please contact the Guidance Office 706-821-2766.