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Past Due Assignments

  • Art

      Welcome To Visual Arts 

    Welcome to Visual Arts! I'm so excited to share with you through learning the vast spectrum within the world of visual arts. This class will introduce you to various components within visual arts such as painting, photography, sculptures, graphics, drawing, and more. We will also work with many different mediums to help you with your artistic expression such as oil pastels, colored pencils, clay, charcoal, various paints, and other art materials. You will thoroughly learn the seven elements of art this year. We will learn about a diversity of artists from the classical era, the Renaissance, abstract, and contemporary artists from today. We will explore Monet' to Basquiat. This class will be in introduce various artists who proudly displayed their rich culture within their artwork such as Minnie Evans, Jonathan Green, Frida Kahlo, and Hiroshi Yoshida. Our visual arts class merges ELA, math, history, science, and music all to make it enriching experience of learning for every student who enters. I look forward to working with you for the 2019-2020 school year. Let's make it an awesome year to remember!                      

    Art Class 2019 2020        Value           hornsby art show




     Art Pic

       Minimarie Andrews 


    Grade(s): 4th - 8th 

    Subject: Visual Arts & Theater

    Hornsby Middle School 

    1-706- 823-6928

  • Hispanic Month


    Celebrating Hispanic Hertage Month In Visual Arts 

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