Accelerated Reader

    What is Accelerated Reader?

    Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to encourage students to read. AR tests student comprehension of books they have read using an online computer program.


    Goals & Points

    Your child’s reading teacher assigns a points goal to each student for each nine week grading period. Most books in our library have an AR test available. Each book has a point value, which is the maximum number of points that can be earned from that book, if the student scores 100% on the quiz. Goals for 3rd 9 weeks will be posted by January 25th. Students have until March 13th to reach their goal for the 3rd 9 weeks. 


    What happens if my child meets his/her goal?

    There will be a different reward for each nine weeks grading period. Rewards for this 9 weeks are to choose a prize from the prize cart, coupons from some fun restaurants, and finally a free ticket to the Augusta Green Jackets game for April 16th.  


    Top Points in Each Grade 

    The student with the most points in each grade level earns $25 to spend either online with Scholastic or at the Book Fair.


    Are there tests on books from home or the public library?

    Yes! Our district subscribes to the online AR program, which means our students have access to every AR test available. Visit http://arbookfind.com to see if your book has a test.


    When can my child take tests?

    AR tests can only be taken at school. The library will be open for student testing in the mornings and during library checkout time. The program ONLY allows tests to be taken at school. 


    How can I find out how many points my child has?

    Log in to AR Home Connect using the following url:  https://Hosted19.renlearn.com/54007/HomeConnect

    Username: Computer login Password: Computer password


    More Questions?

    Visit https://www.renaissance.com/2016/09/09/parents-guide-renaissance-accelerated-reader-360/


                                                                                                Accelerated Reader Rules

    1. Students may not take tests on books more than 2 levels below their reading level. Example: I read at a 4th grade level. I may not test on a 1st Grade level book.
    2. You must read the entire book before taking a test on it.
    3. Do not take a test if you’ve only “seen the movie.”
    4. Do not help other students with their tests. This is cheating.
    5. No talking to other students while testing.
    6. Tests may only be taken in the library, in the computer lab, or in the classroom with your teacher’s permission.
    7. Notify your teacher or the librarian if you observe someone breaking the rules.