• Coach Bowman/Environmental Science (Syllabus)

    Course Outline/Map:

    Unit 1 (1st 9 weeks)

    Science and the Environment (Chp.1)
    Tool; of Environmental Science (Chp.2)
    The: Dynamic Earth (Chp.3)

    The Organization of Earth (Chp.4)
    How Ecosystems Work (Chp.5)



    Unit 2 (2nd 9 weeks)
    Biomes (C p.6)

    Aquatic Ecosystems (Chp.7)
    Understanding Populations (Chp.8)
    The Human Population (Chp.9)
    Biodiversity (Chp.1 0)

    Unit 3 (3rd 9 weeks)
    Water (Chp.11)

    Air (I lp.12)

    Atmosphere and Climate Change (Chp.13)
    Land (Chp.14)

    Food and Agriculture (Chp.15)
    Mining and Mineral Resources (Chp.16)



    Unit 4 (4th weeks)
    Nonrenewable Resources (Chp.17)
    Renewable Energy (Chp.18)

    Waste (Chp.19)

    The Environment and Human Health (Chp.20)
    Economics, Policy, and the Future (Chp.21)



    * Each chapter should take approx. 1.5 - 2 weeks to complete.
    Course Description:

    The Environmental Science Georgia Standards of Excellence are designed to continue the student investigations that began in grades K-8. These standards integrate the study of many components of our environment, including the human impact on our planet. Students investigate the flow of energy and cycling of matter within ecosystems, and evaluate types, availability, allocation, and sustainability of energy resources.