• Meeting Dates


    *July 31st @ Conference Room


    August 9th @ Red Wing 


    September 20th @ AirStrike (Cancelled)


    *October 13th @ Conference Room 


    November 13th @ Tutt Middle (Rescheduled)


    November 30th @ Putt-Putt


    *December 16th @ Conference Room


    February 28th @ Stars & Strikes


    *March 16th @ Conference Room 


    May 23rd @ AirStrike


    *June 29th @ Conference Room 


    *July 27th @ Conference Room


    All meetings will be held at the location mentioned. Locations coincide with Spirit Nights and Title I events held at the school. Meetings are held at 5:30 on spirit night evenings and in the cafeteria at 6pm on Title I nights (when applicable). Meetings denoted with an (*) are PRIVATE board member meetings. 


    PTO Ambassadors (Students)

    October 16th - Interest Meeting

    November 28th - 2nd Interest Meeting

    December 10th & 17th 

    January 16th 

    February 4th & 11th @ 4:30 pm

    March 4th - 8th @ 4:30 pm

    April 15th 

    May 6th & 13th


    All Ambassador meetings are held in Rm 317 at 8am unless otherwise noted. 


    Meeting w/Administration ONLY 

    August 2018

    October 2018

    December 2018

    February 2019

    April 2019

    June 2019

  • Don't have time to be on the board?

    How about one of these volunteer positions that don't involve going to board meetings but still fulfill important needs for Tutt?


    Auction Coordinator: Plans and implements auction event and/or online auction. Reports to Treasurer. Want more info? Ready to sign up? Contact


    Grant Writing: Help our school maintain high educational standards and offerings by gathering information and writing proposals. Contact


    Fundraising Programs Coordinator: Leads small fundraising events (e.g., dine-ins and raffles) and manages reward programs (Amazon Smiles, Lucky SHARES, etc.) Makes sure we're collecting and maximizing funds from existing programs. Reports to VP Fundraising. This is a great work-from-home job! Contact


    Health & Safety Coordinator: Oversees safety and emergency preparedness planning and implementation. Remain in constant contact with school nurse and officer and completes the processes for when one will be needed at events. Reports to VP. Contact


    E-Bulletin Publishers: Gathers submissions and publishes the school’s monthly/quarterly  email newsletter. Usually rotated between three people to lighten the workload. Another job you can do without leaving your home! Contact


    Parent Support Team: Hang out during lunch to help supervise students. It's an easy, fun way to get to know your student community, and to help maintain a safe, clean, respectful environment for the students. Contact our parent facilitator and PTO Volunteer Coordinator


    Wishlist Coordinator: Collect teacher and staff wishlists, keep wishlist information on the school website up to date and promote wishlist needs to our community. Contact


    Historian: Help us organize and preserve items from Tutt’s history. Contact


    Alumni Coordinator: Help build an alumni association and tap into our alumni community. Contact


    For even more volunteer opportunities, check out the Helpful Links Tab