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    The Tutt Middle Parent Teacher Organization is an active organization composed of parents, legal guardians, faculty and staff from our school and the community in Augusta, GA. We work hard to be able to provide supplies, materials, and activities for students and faculty above and beyond those provided by the school district.

    With our school entering into a new journey of being chosen as an “Arts Infused” program school, our goal is to not assist with providing the tools and resources needed to have a successful program at the school. This year our goal is to revamp the PTO, create a strong foundation of parents and volunteers for our school through awareness and events.

    Through its various fundraising activities, the PTO is able to provide support to the teachers and students.


    In the past we have funded activities such as:


    • Funding for assemblies
    • Contributing to parent nights
    • Providing meals and desserts for faculty during professional learning
    • Funding school dances and/or events
    • Help with the book fair
    • Prizes for Title I events
    • Purchasing back-to-school giveaways
    • Assist with sports and end of the year honors program


    2018-19 Goals:


    • Continue what the PTO has been doing in the past
    • Increase and update technology thorughout the school 
    • Increase family and community awareness
    • Increase communication
    • Supplement costs for Arts Infused resources and tools
    • Fund a CTAE lab for daily use of updated software and hardware
    • Enforcing the learning of the Arts through afterschool enrichment activities
    • Create a culture that all students can be proud of
    • Much More