• Earn Money for Tutt Middle PTO 

    at NO COST TO YOU!!!

    There are 3 EASY and FREE WAYS in which everyone can help to bring in money for Rosedell: Box Tops for EducationTyson's A+ ProgramLabels for Education, MY COKE REWARDS, Publix Partners, Filmraiser, and on the rise Kroger Community Rewards. Clipping and turning in these labels is such an easy way for families to get involved in their child's education. Every item turned in helps the school to earn money and free educational items.
    Just by purchasing products such as soup, cereal, granola bars, printer paper, school supplies, fruit snacks and more, then clipping the coupons and sending them in to school, we earn CASH for Box Tops (10 cents each) and Tyson project A+ Labels (24 cents each), andpoints (Campbell's Labels) toward FREE classroom, office, and Art and Technology supplies! Throughout the year we have several contests, so start collecting now and be ready for our next contest!

    Don't forget to ask grandparents, co-workers and everyone else to clip their Box Tops, Labels and Tyson logos. See below for more information and eligible products in each program (including links to their websites); or, for more info or questions please email tuttdragonpto@gmail.com
    Click the link below for the corresponding collection sheet:


    BOX TOPS for EDUCATION www.boxtops4education.com

    You can find BOX TOPS on thousands of your favorite products, from Big G® cereals to Avery® office supplies to Hanes® T-shirts to Boise® printer paper. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to the school, which can add up quickly! Also, be aware that oftentimes there are bonus box tops that will be printed from the register. There is also an app that you can use to help you when you are at the store. (Clip coupons too right from your phone)

    Last year we did not participate in these FREE porgrams, however our PTO does have active accounts with these companies.  We plan to use the cash to increase and update technology in the school for our students! This year (2018-2019) our goal is $500! Lets get started clipping!

    It is easy to collect and turn in Box Tops. You can glue them to a collection paper (25 per paper meaning each paper is worth $2.50). Or, you can simply collect them in a plastic baggie and just turn that in with a paper stating the number of box tops that are enclosed. If possible, please trim your box tops.

    Families, we are asking for you to continue to turn in every Box Top you can, and ask grandparents and coworkers and whomever you think that may be able collect them for us. For those that remember, they are like green stamps and blue chip stamps :-) Box tops are on many items, including General Mills cereals, Kleenex brand tissues, Avery labels, Gold Medal flour, various fruit gummies, and more. Please check the 
    website for more items.


    Tyson Project A+ http://projectaplus.tyson.com

    In your grocer's freezer section, look for Tyson Products that display the Tyson Project A+™ logo. The label you save is easily identified by looking for the simple 1, 2, 3 program steps. Each label is worth 24¢ cash! We can turn in 100 labels and in 4 weeks we get a check for $24.00! 


    Campbell's Labels for Educationwww.labelsforeducation.com

    These labels are found on Campbell’s Soup, Pop Secret Popcorn, office supplies, and many participating products (see website for a more complete list). Tutt PTO collects these and redeems them from a catalogue of products for our Art, Athletic, and Academic Programs!!  Most labels are worth 1 point, but many are worth more. Once we have enough points, we can order amazing supplies for Tutt at NO shipping cost!

    Here’s a COOL thing! Go online and link your favorite market’s preferred customer card with Labels for Education! It’s good at Albertson’s, Ralph’s, Von’s. After you sign up your Albertson’s, Ralph’s or Von’s card, Rosedell automatically earns points for anything in your shopping cart that has the Labels for Education label on it! And when you clip the labels and send them with your student we earn those points again!!

    Electronically collect 1 point for each participating Labels for Education® product purchased using your shopper card at participating retailers. You can still clip and redeem UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points, so it’s easier than ever to earn more for your school. Get twice the labels for the same amount! Here is how:

    Step 1 - REGISTER
    Create your profile, enter your shopper card number from a participating retailer, and then select the school(s) you would like to support. Sign up now .

    Step 2 - SHOP. SWIPE. EARN
    Each participating product that you purchase from your favorite participating retailer will earn 1 point that will be credited to your school’s Labels for Education account automatically.

    Step 3 - REDEEM
    Your school can redeem points for FREE educational merchandise!

    *UPCs with face values higher than 1 point will only be counted as 1 point with the e-Labels for Education program. Remember, e-Labels for Education supplements the regular Labels for Education program, so you can still clip and redeem participating product UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points.


    My Coke Rewards Program for Schools 

    If you already buy Coca Cola products, such as Dasani Water, Powerade, Fuze, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and Minute Maid Juices, then you can help Tutt PTO earn free athletic equipment, classroom supplies, learning aids and more. Just check each product for a special label that says 'My Coke Rewards.' You can type the codes yourself on their website http://www.mycokerewards.com or turn the codes in to your teacher and we'll do it for you. It's that easy! 


    Publix Partners

    Over the years, Publix Partners has contributed more than $30 million to over 4,500 schools giving back to support education. We have been participating in the publix partners program for a number or years. We are continuing the tradition. As of January 11, 2019, this is our success. Continue to help our numbers grow. 

    To get those numbers even higher:

    • Spread the word in your community.
    • Remind everyone that friends and family may also participate (at any Publix store in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee).

    Remember, the greater the participation, the greater the reward. It doesn't cost a penny more than your groceries. 




    filmraiser   www.filmraiser.com


    See new movies in theaters and keep part of the box office to support your school programs.

    FilmRaiser supports critical student programs, non-profits and other great organizations by providing premiere access to Hollywood's biggest new films as fundraisers. Thousands of schools have already signed up! (You do not have to be 501c3 tax exempt).


    • EARN $1.00 FOR EVERY MOVIE TICKET bought by supporters of your school or cause.
    • ALL WEEKEND LONG (Thursday through Sunday).
    • AT ANY THEATER showing the film, nationwide.
    • NO LIMIT on ticket sales.
    • With tickets for sale IN ADVANCE.
    • FRIENDS & FAMILY IN OTHER CITIES can see the movie too and support your cause.


    This is the first year that we have tried this program. We hope for it to be more successful the more we promote it. Remember anyone anywhere the headliner movie is being played may support us just by going to FILMRAISER. See instructions below. 


    When movie tickets go on sale:

    1. SEND everyone to www.filmraiser.com.
    2. They simply SELECT YOUR CAUSE. (Tutt Middle PTO)
    3. And CLICK through to Fandango or Atom. All tickets bought will track to your cause.

    KROGER Community Rewards 

    Application in progress




  • Faith Berry (6th Grader) with 110 BoxTops wins $25 for submitting the most boxtops!

    honorable mention - Jaden Wright 8th Grader

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