My behavior has not met expectations. Now what?

  • Reflection Writing Assignment


    Assignments that do not follow the directions will be returned. The earned consequence will not be considered fulfilled until the assignment is correctly completed. Students will remain at silent lunch until this assignment is completed in full.


    If your actions in class were not as they should be, you may have the opportunity to redeem yourself and learn from your actions. You may choose to write a letter reflecting on your actions, what your actions should have been, and what you will do in the future.


    Your letter should meet the following requirements:

    1. Should be at least 500 words (per hour of detention assigned)not including copying the questions (you are not required to copy the questions, but your letter should address each point individually).
    2. If hand written, you must provide the word count in the margins at the end of every line.
    3. Should be written in complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar.
    4. Should start with Dear Mr. Manuel,
    5. Clearly demonstrate that you have thought about your actions and learned from them.
    6. Should be an original work reflecting on a specific set of actions. You may not resubmit a letter that you have submitted before.
    7. This assignment must be submitted within 24 hours of being assigned or the assignment will double to 1000 words.
    8. Parent and student signatures on the last page.

    What does it look like to be resilient in Mathematics?

                The definition of resilience is: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

    What does it look like to observe self-control in Mathematics?

    The definition of self-control is: the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations.

    What does it look like to be accountable in Mathematics?

    The definition of accountable is: required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.

    What does it look like to be respectful in Mathematics?

                The definition of respectful is: feeling or showing deference and respect.


    What were your actions? How do these impact your math class?

    What is the expectation for your behavior in this situation? What effect would meeting expectations   have on your math class?

    Why were your actions unacceptable? Why would your actions affect your learning in math class?

    Why should your behavior meet or exceed expectations? (Why should you act the way you are expected to act?)

    How will you respond to a similar situation in the future?

    Why will you respond differently in the future?


    *Note* repetition will invalidate your word count. Example: “Dear Mr. Manuel, I am very, very, very, very, very sorry” will not be considered part of the 500 words required.