Mon, August 19- Vocabulary Squares (All Classes)


    Mon, August  19- Narrative Writing: Complete 3 paragraphs or more on the story Seventh Grade by Gary Soto.  Tell what happens with Victor on the next day.  Include dialogue. (Honors)


    Wed, August 21: Complete unfinished classwork of "All Summer In A Day" graphic organizer questions. (All Classes)


    Thurs, August 22: Complete the ending to the story of All Summer In A Day.  It must be two paragraphs or more.  Include dialogue.  IN the story, we are left with a cliffhanger, you have to complete the story. (ALL CLASSES EXCEPT HONORS)

    Monday Aug, 26: Vocab squares-Antagonist and Evaluate

     Tuesday Aug 27: Racer Strategy Questions with the short story, All Summer In a Day


    For the Month of September

    Monday-Sept. 9 Vocabulary 4 Sqaure--two words are: Memoir and Plot

    Vocabulary   (click here for document)


    November Choiceboard Vocabulary


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