• Spelling test will be given every friday.

    We will take a pre-test on Thursday. 

    Assignment: Monday - 5 times each

                       Tuesday - ABC ORDER

                       Wed. - Define each word

                       Thur. - use each word in a sentence

                       Friday - Test day


     Spelling List

  • 08/12/19 - What are your goals for 2019 -2020?

    08/13/19 - What are you stregnths and weakness?

    08/14/19 - I wish my teacher Knew

    08/15/19 - The best day of my life

    08/16/19 - The person who means the most to me i

     08/17/19 - What would happen if children ruled the world?

    08/18/19 - What would happen if there were no cars, buses, trains, boats, or planes? How would this change your life?What if everyone lived under water? Where would people live?

    08/19/19 - What games would children play? What would school be like?

    08/20/19 - What would happen if you found gold in your backyard?

    08/23/19 - I taught someone how to…

    08/24/19 - Oh, no, it snowed and I can’t…

    08/25/19 - The house was so quiet, but then I heard…

    08/26/19 - If you could have been someone in history, who would you have been?

    08/27/19 - If you could only take 3 people with you on a trip around the world, who would you take and why?

    08//30/19 - If you could give any gift in the world, what would you give and to whom?

    09/09/19 - If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    09/10/19 - If you received any sum of money as a gift, what would you do with it?

    09/11/19 - What would happen if animals could talk? What questions would you would like to ask them?

    09/12/19 - Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you wanted to? What are some of the things you would do.

    09/13/19 - What would you do if you were in the middle of the lake and your boat springs a leak?

    1. What would you do if you suddenly woke up in another country and no one could understand a word you said! What would you do?
    2. Write a poem about your favorite person, animal, or place.
    3. What is your dream vacation?
    4. This morning I looked out my window and to my great surprise I saw…
    5. The best month of the year is…
    6. This is how I make a snowman…
    7. This past weekend was great because…
    8. I help my mother by…