Essay Project

    B Day - Due Thursday, January 24, 2019 

    A Day - Due Friday, January 25, 2019



    1. This project will be done IN CLASS. Students will pre-write and complete first drafts in class.
    2. Students will type final drafts in class and submit on their due date.
    3. So students (and parents) can get an idea of what will be expected, the guidelines have been provided below. 
      1. Students will choose a topic (below). Students: It won't hurt to know the topic you want to write on before you get to class next week.
      2. Students will outline/prewrite for the topic they choose. The outline/prewrite must be done on paper that Ms. Ussin provides, as the prewrite will be graded for inclusion of specific details that are pre-scripted on the paper.
      3. Students will hand write and submit a first draft (rough draft). Ms. Ussin will provide feedback on the rough draft to make sure students are headed in the right direction. The rough drafts will be returned to students the following class period.
      4. During the next class period, students will type their essays into the Performance Matters platform provided by Richmond County Board of Education OR Microsoft Word. They will submit the essays electronically.
      5. Students will be required to use at least 3 vocabulay words in their essay from our units of study this year.
      6. The essay will be graded as class work (40%). 



    • It's no secret that technology has evolved over time and become more helpful to Americans. In a well-organized essay, explain how technology has evolved and become more helpful to Americans in the last 10 years.


    • In a well-organized essay, explain some things that can be detrimental to a student's academic success.


    • No man is an island. Humans are made for relationships, and lasting relationships should be treasured. In a well-organized essay, explain how people can create longevity in their most treasured relationships.


    • In a well-organized essay, explain why it's important for parents to instill basic life skills and morals in their children.