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    • Student's are responsible for getting their assignments when returning from being absent from school. 
    • Student's are given enough class time to complete class work throughout the school week, therefore any classwork assignments discovered missing  by Friday will automatically become weekend homework due by Monday.  
    • Missing assignments not turned in by Monday recieve a zero and student's will have to make up work in Detention.  


    • Make up test and retakes are done after school during studyhall.  
    • 1 Re-takee is allowed for test grades below a 75.  


    •  Homework is computer based and is graded on a weekly basis using Prodigy and I-Ready.
    • Time spent on each site is equivalent to a grade, therfore studnts will need to complete 100 minutes of I-Ready AND Prodigy 100 questions on Prodigy per week Monday-Friday.  
    • I-Ready homework can not be made up as it is based on time spent during that week.  




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