Welcome Students and Parents!!


     My name is Henry Lewis (Coach Lewis) I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice  and completed graduate school in Criminal Justice; my minor is in Sociology.  I am very excited to be starting this 2019-2020 school year with you all. I am eager to teach and share with you some positive information concerning education as it pertains to your development and critical understanding of Physical Education and Personal Fitness.

    My main focus this year is to improve educational achievement among all students by providing each and every one of you with a solid and purposeful education that will integrate Physical Education and Personal Fitness learning.

    I want to take you all on a journey of how Physical Education and Personal Fitness could be beneficial to you today, tomorrow, and in the future. I am going to teach you all the benefits of how regular physical activities can help you achieve physical, mental, and personal fitness wellbeing.

    Students, as I teach you all the importance of the impact that Physical Education  and Personal Fitness have on your physical being, just remember that your education should play a greater role in your life in what you are trying to achieve and the goals that you have set and are determined to reach.

    So, let’s all have a determine mind to make this school year your very best one and answer the question, am I going to make a positive impact this school year? Well, let’s answer that question near the end of this school year.

    Students, be mindful that different challenges will come to all of us, but the finish line can be crossed and won  if you are determine to not let a challenge defeat you.

    Parents, my classroom doors are always open to you as I welcome you in any time or I can be reached at: E-mail Lewishe@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us.