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     Patriots Cross Country



    John Newton, Head Coach

    email: newtojo@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Renee McCalla, Assistant Coach

    email: remgholson@gmail.com



    If you are interested in running cross country for school year 2019-2020, please fill out the interest form. There will be a summer training plan for those interested in being part of the team.

    **Please read the entire page. This will be your source of information throughout the summer and XC season.


    WHS Patriot XC Interest Form

    XC Remind 101 Sign-up

    Link to Required forms

    **Fall Meet Schedule coming soon...

    2019-2020 Runner Contract

    Cross Country Season starts (officiall) July 30th. If you do not train during the summer you will not be prepared for tryouts nor the season. I will push you to your limits and I will ask you to work hard. The effort and hard work you put in will be rewarded.

     "Earn the View"

    --Coach Newton


    Summer Schedule:                     ***YOU SHOULD BE RUNNING/TRAINING ALL SUMMER

    Summer Calendar 2019 (Printable)        iCal download_Summer Calender 2019

    XC:Calendar 2019 is also up-to-date as of 6/7/19

    You are not required to attend summer sessions but it is highly suggested if you are in town. Your dedication will be a factor in you making the team. Even if you do not attend you should contact Coach Newton weekly to discuss your progress and turn in your training log.

          July:  *Coach Newton will be attending manditory training in July 8-19. You should still contact him once a week and continue to train.

    JULY 4th WEEK is a mandatory "DEAD Week". You are encouraged to keep running/training but we will not be meeting.

     ***Most Saturday's Coach will be running at the Augusta Canal, or around downtown Augusta from the 8th Street Market. You are welcome to join in a slow easy run, have some fun, and even make fun of Coach as he tries to get back in running form.

    TRY OUTS August 12th-14th

    Training plans:




    Training plan explinations and definitions

     --Record your running/training.. here is a link to a free app. Garmin Connect download 

    Find a running buddy. Run in groups of 2-3 or more. Experienced runners should be mentoring inexperienced runners. 

    **Make sure to hydrate (see Hydration chart), get plenty of rest, and eat well balanced meals. Run in the early mornings and late afternoons until you are acustomed to the heat. Avoid running in the "Danger Zone". (See Heat Index Chart)

    Heat Index Chart       Hydration Chart

    WHS Trail Maps

    These are "Out/Back" trails. (You run out to the end of the marked course and follow the same path back to the start.)

    Full Trail   (Start and Stop at the Practice Field)

    Short Trail   (Do not cross the road "Steven's Creek")


    ***SORBA CSRA Trails Link page

    Augusta Canal

    Bartrum Trail

      Start at Petersburg and run in either direction. SORBA CSRA_Bartrum Trail Information

    Blanchard Woods

    FATS (Forks Area Trail System)     **Do not run this alone. Watch for snakes in the summer.

              Start at the "South Parking Lot" DO NOT GET OFF THE MARKED TRAIL!

              SORBA CSRA_ FATS Trail information

    The Greenway

    Wildwood Park


    Summer Motivation




    2018 Meet Schedule

    2017 Meet Schedule

    2016 Meet Schedule