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     Patriots Cross Country



    John Newton, Head Coach

    email: newtojo@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Renee McCalla, Assistant Coach

    email: remgholson@gmail.com


    Welcome to the Westside High School Patriot XC page this is your source of information, whether you are a team member, parent/guardian, WHS student or just a fan of the Patriot Nation. Read the entire page and look for regular updates. The tentative schedule it posted below and will be updated with meets as they are scheduled.



    2019 Season Results:

    Season Individual meet results


    Richmond County "ALL County"

    Patriot Boys Runners-up

    Patriot Girls 3rd Place


    Region 4-AA Championships

    Patriot Boys Region 4-AA Champions

    Jamie Townes 1st Place finish ALL-Region Champion

    Patriot Girls Region 4-AA Runners-up


    State Championships: 

    Patriot Boys Top 20 Team in the State

    Patriot Girls Top 25 Team in the State

    Individual: Jamie Townes Top 20 in the State


    Congratulations! You Earned the View! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.


    2019-2020 Runner Contract

    WHS Patriot XC Interest Form

    Cross Country Season started July 30th and we have already started training for the first meet. Those who ran during the summer will have an easier start. It is never to late to start running. We will be utilizing parts of the training plans listed below throughout the season. Be prepared, I will push you to your limits and I will ask you to work hard. The effort and hard work you put in will be rewarded.

     "Earn the View"

    --Coach Newton


    Training/Practice Schedule:


     Monday-Friday @ 245p  meet in Room A150  

    Medical Forms Required to practice

    What to wear/bring to practice:

    Water bottle with water


    comfortable t-shirt

    girls: you cannot run in a sports bra only (dress code policy)

    running shorts (basketball shorts are not acceptable)--must follow dress code

    running shoes (basketball shoes are not acceptable)

    If you do not have the correct shoes (you must have shoes on your feet), you will not be able to participate. If you do not have the correct running shoes you can get injured.


    Heat & Hydration:


    Heat Index Chart

    Hydration Chart


    **Make sure to hydrate (see Hydration chart), get plenty of rest, and eat well balanced meals. Run in the early mornings and late afternoons until you are acustomed to the heat. Avoid running in the "Danger Zone". (See Heat Index Chart)


    WHS Trail Maps

    WHS Long Loop

    WHS Short Loop


    ***SORBA CSRA Trails Link page

    Augusta Canal

    Bartrum Trail

      Start at Petersburg and run in either direction. SORBA CSRA_Bartrum Trail Information

    Blanchard Woods

    FATS (Forks Area Trail System)     **Do not run this alone. Watch for snakes in the summer.

              Start at the "South Parking Lot" DO NOT GET OFF THE MARKED TRAIL!

              SORBA CSRA_ FATS Trail information

    The Greenway

    Wildwood Park


    Summer Motivation



     2019 Meet Schedule

    2018 Meet Schedule

    2017 Meet Schedule

    2016 Meet Schedule