ELA 6th Grade- Course Syllabus

  • W.S. Hornsby 4-8

    320 Kentucky Avenue 

    Augusta, Ga 30901


                                                                                                              6Th Grade ELA Course Syllabus 

    Course Facilitator:

    L. A. Thomas

    email: thomala2@richmond.k12.ga.us

    Class YouTube Channel: Flipping Jaguars  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjmuXAiPzC_xQbF9jfa--jw?view_as=subscriber 

    DAILY parent contact is available  through the REMIND app (Remind Code: text @6thStar to 81010/ free download-parent/guardian contact required.)


    Course Materials:



     3-inch binder (this binder is used to hold all content class work for the entire grade level)

    1 pack of dividers

    clear sheet protectors

    loose leaf paper

    2 journal notebooks (writing journal and vocabulary journal)

    pens ( blue, black and any color other than red)


    personal pencil sharpener

    earphones or earbuds ( THIS IS A MUST DAILY)


    6th Grade ELA has 5 Units. Units 1-3 are in the first semester. The course schedule and curriculum map will only be posted for the months of August- September. The syllabus and course schedule will be updated before students return from the Winter Break for the remaining two units. 


    Unit 1: Getting to Know You ( 3 weeks) 

    Essential Questions:

    • What are effective ways to communicate in the 21st Century?
    • What are my goals in reading and writing this year?
    • How can I improve my ability to work with others?

    Unit 2: How Do We Form Friendships? ( 7 weeks)

    Essential Questions:

    • In what ways can your actions shape your future?
    • How do your life circumstances affect the types of friendships you develop?
    • How do people grow and change to adapt to difficult situations

    Book Study: Holes by Louis Sachar

    Unit 3: What makes someone Effective or Successful? (7 Weeks)

    Essential Questions: 

    • What does it take to be successful in life?
    • How do our habits affect our lives?
    • What is a growth mindset, and how does it help develop grit?

    Book Study: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Convey


    Grading Weights

    Tests 25%

    Quizzes 20%

    Projects 20%

    Classwork  20%

    Participation 10%

    Homework 5%


    Students will be challenged this year! Every student can succeed. Expect to have your child work hard, read more, write more and possibly COMPLAIN more. If they aren't struggling at some point they aren't learning. Expectations for the Hornsby family have been set high. The teachers will meet those standards and push our students to do the same.  Success is in our future...We Can and We Will...Watch!!