• Creating Equations
    A-CED Create equations that describe numbers or relationships.
    MGSE9-12.A.CED.3 Represent constraints by equations or inequalities, and by systems of equations
    and/or inequalities, and interpret data points as possible (i.e. a solution) or not possible (i.e. a nonsolution)
    under the established constraints.
    Reasoning with Equations & Inequalities
    A-RE I Solve systems of equations
    MGSE9-12.A.REI.5 Show and explain why the elimination method works to solve a system of twovariable
    MGSE9-12.A.REI.6 Solve systems of linear equations exactly and approximately (e.g., with graphs), focusing on pairs of linear equations in two variables.
    GA: HS: Functions
    Interpreting Functions
    F-IF Interpret functions that arise in applications in terms of the context.
    MGSE9-12.F.IF.4 Using tables, graphs, and verbal descriptions, interpret the key characteristics of a
    function which models the relationship between two quantities. Sketch a graph showing key features
    including: intercepts; interval where the function is increasing, decreasing, positive, or negative; relative
    maximums and minimums; symmetries; end behavior; and periodicity.
  • Key Vocabulary 

    Inequality • Coefficient • Elimination Method • Substitution Method • Solution to a System • Graphical Method • Equation • No Solution • Infinite Solutions • System of Linear Equations • System of Linear Inequalities • Linear Equation