• Welcome back to the second half of the 2019- 2020 school year!!! I am very excited to have each family represented back at Hornsby. we have lost a few students as well as gained some. 

    With that said, we have a few changes this year. 

    Hornsby 4-8 has implemented a new daily schedule. Students now have intervention blocks twice a day for 60 minutes each. The first intervention block is in the morning beginning at 9:15 focusing on Language Arts skills. The second block is the last hour of the school day and focuses on Math. During this time it is important that students focus on the goal of growth. It is our wish to get students on grade level or as close to it as possible. Students and families MUST make learning a priority. 


    Block 3 is the ELA S.T.A.R. Honors class. This class is ALL digital. Work is submitted online. This was attempted at the beginning fo the school year. Please be patient and help your child at home create Word documents and learn to attach them to emails and other sites. I will be emailing each child in the next 2 weeks to get them acclimated to checking their email. Lessons may be accessed at home as well as in class. Please access the following resource to learn about the digital/flipped classroom. You may also email me at flippedpaws@gmail.com for any questions or concerns. 

                                                                                                                             Flipped Learning