Welcome Back!!! This has been quite a year. I hope each of you enjoyed your extended summer spending time with family and friends, staying safe, and of course....LEARNING something new! 


    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, life for all of us is much different than it was before the school year abruptly ended. Not only has life at home changed, but school has had to change as well. We realize that students may not have ended the academic year like they wanted. Students were preparing for the Georgia Milestones and the final quarter of the year. In an effort to provide for those lost months and get students on track with the current school year, students may be required to PREPARE for class activities the day/night before. This may be in the form of reading an article or story at home, doing a web search or logging into  Canvas, the district learning management system. More details will be available the first week of school. 



    Protective Measures

    Below are links to resources  that will help facilitate a safe, clean and healthy environment. We are in this together. Help reduce to spread of the 'Rona"


    Big Bird and Corona

     More Resources can be found on the FLIPPED PAWS youtube channel under the "COVID-19" playlist.