Sheet Metal

Introduction to Metals

  • The metals technology curriculum, Introduction to Metals, is designed to acquaint students with the three major technical occupations (welding, sheet metal, and machining). The various activities equip high school students with the skills needed to select a metal industry occupation, enter the work force, and continue to advance in one of these specialized metals occupations. Experiences include an introduction to the basic requirements of each of these fields, exposure to the structure and nature of career opportunities, and an introduction to types of training and skills required and the use of specialized tools, equipment, and materials.


    This course is designed to familiarize students with fundamentals of various metal occupations for the purpose of preparing them to select either welding, sheet metal, or machining for more highly specialized training in subsequent courses. Minimum performance requirements for this course are based on successful student completion according to the National Center for Construction Education and Research Center (NCCER) Occupation Standards and the National Institute for Metal-Forming Skills (NIMS) standards. Students who successfully complete the course in accordance with NCCER standards are eligible for registration with the NCCER National Craft Worker Registry or obtain NIMS credentials. The prerequisite for this course is Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety.


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