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    This performance-based class focuses on learning to use the vocal instrument to create a healthy and pleasing sound. In addition to learning proper vocal production and technique, students learn music reading skills, sight-singing skills, and performance skills. Students sing literature with and without accompaniment in up to three parts. Chorus offers opportunities for students to develop team building and leadership skills. Participation in concert performances outside of regular class hours is required.





    Students who successfully complete 7th and 8th grade Chorus (consecutively) in Middle School are eligible to receive 1 High School credit. Students must complete each year with passing grades.



    For grading purposes, all music students are required to produce and present quality work in one or more of the following formats:

    • Public performances

    • Visual displays such as poster boards and tri-folds

    • Audio and/or video recordings (CD, mp3, DVD)

    • Web-based presentations such as blog entries and web site content







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    text @askburnsc to the number 81010