Visual Arts Syllabus

  • Visual Arts Class Syllabus


    Hornsby Middle School / Grades 4th- 8th / Teacher Ms. Minimarie Andrews / School Term 2019- 2020




    Class Objective 

    The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the language concepts, history, and practices through visual arts. We will learn and explore a diverse range of artists from their backgrounds, skills, and techniques from past and present day contemporary . Students will engage in discussions about elements such as content, composition, style, and method using a variety of mediums for artistic expression. Students will develop increasingly sophisticated strategies, skills, and habits within art. Students will apply the skills and techniques they've learned in visual arts in literacy, writing, and verbal expression. Students will also learn how to balance the relationship of performance arts such as dance, music, drama, and mass media within the concept of visual arts presentation .


    Our Class Philosophy

    •  Generate, convey, and express through understanding artistic styles, concepts, techniques, and works.
    • Interpret original content in expression and meaning.
    • Relate and refine artistic ideas in relation to media, graphics, historical content, culture, heritage, language written expression through essay, poetry, and other art forms.
    • Participate and engage in collaborative efforts


    Meaning and Creative Thinking

    • VA8MC.1 : Engages in the creative process to generate and visualize ideas.
    • VA8NC.2 : Identifies and works to solve problems through authentic engagement ( thinking, planning, and experimenting) with art methods and materials, exploring the nature of creativity.
    • VA8MC.3 : Demonstrates how artist create and communicates meaning in artwork.
    • VA8MC.4 : Participates in aesthetic dialogue about his or her artwork of others.
    • VA8CU.2 : Investigates and discovers personal relationship to community, culture, and through studying art.

    Materials Needed For Class

    • Pencils
    • One pack of colored pencils
    • Crayons
    • Oil Pastels
    •  Spiral Notebook
    • Old T-Shirt * For Messy Days Only*
    • Positive Attitude
    • Open Mind
    • Willingness To Learn 

    Notable Class Assignments

    • Art For A Cause Presentation 
    • Artist's Essay 
    • Photography Project
    • Media & Graphics Presentation 
    • Collaborative Backdrop Presentation 
    • Digital Portfolio * 8th grade only *
    • Spring Art show piece. 

    Class Rules and Expectations

    • Students must clean up after themselves.
    • Students are to report to class on time or will be considered tardy.
    • Students are to be present to class in adhere the school's policies on class attendance. 
    • Students are to return all class materials after usage in returning them safely into their appropriate areas.
    • Students are to turn in all assignments by their scheduled due date.
    • Students are to report,remain, and actively participate in class to be given grades accordingly.
    • Students are to only work in collaborative groups if assigned.
    • Students are to respect all visual artwork on display by not tampering or removing them.
    • Students are to follow dress code within the classroom.
    • Students are to refrain from the use of inappropriate language.
    • Students are to adhere to the school's policy on cellphone use, headphones, and other technology. 


    Grading Polices 

    Homework 5%

    Test 25 %

    Quizzes 20 %

    Project 20 %

    Classwork 20 %

    Participation 10 %