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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

American Government

  • American Government/Civics

    The government course provides students with a background in the philosophy, functions, and structure of the United States government. Students examine the philosophical foundations of the United States government and how that philosophy developed. Students also examine the structure and function of the United States government and its relationship to states and citizens.

    High School Requirements for Credit

    American Government/Civics is a semester-long course which offers .5 credit toward high school graduation once the student obtains a passing score for the semester.  The grade is calculated as follows:

    1st Nine Weeks average 40%

    2nd Nine Weeks average 40%

    Final Exam                     20%


    Course Overview

    First Semester

    Unit 1: Foundations of Government

    Unit 2: The United States Constitution

    Unit 3: The Legislative Branch

    Unit 4: Executive Branch

    Unit 5: Judicial Branch

    Unit 6: Civil Liberties


    Second Semester

    Unit 1: Geography, Early People, Exploration, Colonization

    Unit 2: Revolution, Statehood, & Westward Expansion

    Unit 3: Civil War, Reconstruction & New South

    Unit 4: The 20th Century: WWI through Post WWII

    Unit 5: Civil Rights to Modern Georgia

    Unit 6: Personal Finance