• 7th Grade Supply List

    7th grade supply list:

    • The 7th grade team is asking for each child to bring in a 200 count or greater box of facial tissues and a 10 ounce or larger bottle of hand sanitizer. These will be given to your child’s homeroom teacher.
    • In addition, we ask that you consider a donation of a ream of copy paper, also given to your child’s homeroom teacher.
    • Additional supplies MAY be required throughout the year


    3” DURABLE 3-ring binder

    Colored Pencils (NO MARKERS!!!!!!)

    Dividers for binder – at least 10

    Black and Blue Ink pens


    Highlighters – 3”x3” sticky notes (LOTS) – large paper clips – 4”x6” Lined index cards

    Ruler – 12 inch with metric and US Customary measurements

    2GB travel drive and/or online storage, e.g.: Office 365 or Google Drive

    Dry erase markers – fine point

    WIDE ruled loose leaf paper is preferred

    Graph Paper

    1 – 1” 3-ring binder


    2 – Marble composition books

    2 – 3-prong pocket folders

    Scientific Calculator

    Call/Text Mr. Roach with any questions: 803-257-4159