All students need to click on the tab marked Distance Learning instead of their normal class page. On the Distance Learning page students will see a link for Khan Academy World History. All students are required to log in and set up an account thru the link provided by Thursday March 19 at 1 pm. Then each student is required to return to Khan Academy at 4 pm March 19 to see the assignments that are required for this class. I will send out Reminds daily so make certain you are signed up for your class, the codes are availably on the Distance Learning page. In the daily Reminds I will set the expectations for work and grades. I hope everyone is safe and if you have any questions please contact me. Mr Lett


    Currently the only grade that is due is the Post WWi Vocabulary Worksheet. Students may send a digitial copy to my e-mail ( lettch@richmond.k12.ga.us ) or you may take a picture of it and send it via text or e-mail.


    The first set of assignments are due Monday March 23 by midnight. Students are required to take notes on all videos. Students are also required to do the questions from the Lesson Overviews in their notes. These will be turned in for a quiz or test grade (to be determined) upon return to school. Students are also required to do all online quizes in the time allowed to recieve full credit.  If you have any question please contact me. Stay safe.