Course Description


    The course is designed to instruct you in essential Spanish I skills. Level of instruction is

    aimed at helping you acquire a basic knowledge of grammar concepts and vocabulary.

    Emphasis is on comprehending and communicating in Spanish through speaking,

    listening, reading, and writing in various aspects of time.


    Students will: Study the cultures, geographies, and histories of Spanish speaking areas.

    Students will: Participate in individual, paired, and group activities as well as complete

    written and oral exercises to practice new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

    Students will: Demonstrate development in their speaking, literacy, and listening skills during the course.


    Spanish Defined (Exploratory, 1a, 1b):

    Your speaking, writing, and reading skills will expand as you are taught reading, writing and reading skills in the Spanish language.  Be ready to have your mind opened. Learning a language teaches you new ways to think. You will study Hispanic cultures and traditions, and will have the opportunity to make presentations about them. You will be introduced to new vocabulary, new grammar and new ideas about different people. You will also review what you have learned. At all times, the primary focus will be to increase your ability to understand and communicate in Spanish with ease and confidence at your level of learning. Even if it is a challenge, remember that practice makes perfect! Partial year courses will count as partial credit. Full year classes will count as full credit. Spanish 1b will count as a high school credit.



    1. Work towards Spanish proficiency.
    2. Develop listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in Spanish
    3. Gain an understanding of the linguistics, cultures and histories of native Spanish-speakers, also known as Hispanics.



    You will need a notebook, a pencil and a pen for this class. You can also use a composition book. Make sure to buy more than one notebook if your notebooks fill up.  Come to school prepared with your notebook/composition book, pens and pencils to write with every day.


    Class Rules:

    8 Be’s for Expected Behaviors


    3. BE RESPECTFUL! (Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Use appropriate language.)
    1. BE IN YOUR SEAT! (Unless asked to get out of it)
    2. BE ATTENTIVE! (Follow directions - no side conversations.)
    3. BE APROPRIATE! (No grooming or eating in class. Remember where you are and why. You are at school to learn.)
    1. BE NEAT! (Keep yourself and the classroom clean.)
    2. BE HONEST!


    YOU are responsible for your learning. I am here to help you learn by teaching you as best as I know how. Work with me! Work should be completed independently unless you are told otherwise. Cheating will result in immediate consequences. Do not cheat.



    We check homework in class. Students should complete all homework

    assignments and have them ready to turn in during class on the due date. If you are

    absent on the day that a homework assignment is due you still owe the assignment. It is your responsibility to find out what it was and turn it in ASAP.



    In order to assess your progress, quizzes/tests will be given on material that has been

    covered in class. Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance.



    A Performance Based Task (PBT) is also known as a ‘project.’ PBT’s will be given. PBT’s can be assigned in a variety of formats. Oral presentations, written compositions, dramatizations, and/or research projects may also be assigned.


    Class Participation:


    Because you are a beginner, you will be expected to use Spanish in class as much as possible. You will not be penalized for speaking incorrectly or with an accent. Try to fix your mistakes

    and be open to correction. Don’t be shy about speaking! Having a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and being prepared are also important parts of your success. Not doing homework, working on materials for other classes during Spanish class, and/or being disrespectful will result in immediate consequences. Student success is directly related to good attendance, participation and good grades. Students are expected to be present and to participate each day. If a student misses a class or part of a class for any reason, then he/she will be given an opportunity to make up graded class assignments through an appointment.

    Make-up Work:

     The student is responsible for finding out from the teacher what they missed. Assessments must still be turned in or made up even if the absence is excused. You must see the teacher on the day you return to make arrangements for missed tests, quizzes or projects.


    Attendance and Tardies:

    The school’s policies will be followed and enforced. It is your responsibility to know the school’s policies.



    You start class with a 100. Every infraction will cost you 10 points. 5 infractions will earn you a failing grade for the day. The 1st 3 infractions = call home and a 70 for the day. After that 3 infractions = morning detention. Every infraction will cost you 10 class points. Keep your 100.  

    Infractions: Being late to class without a valid excuse/note, any disruptions, cheating, calling out after being told not to, refusal to do work, disrespectful behavior, having a phone out, chewing gum, eating or drinking in class, being inappropriate or loud, refusal to answer questions, defiance, and being out of one’s seat without permission. Infractions also include abusing bathroom or hall privileges by being loud, disruptive, wandering or taking too long without a valid excuse. Your behavior is tied to your grade. Behave appropriately and keep your 100.


    Incomplete work:

    Work for me and I will work with you. If you stay on task and behave appropriately and respectfully, you will receive a 100 for the day. Raise your hand if you have a question. Do not call out. If your work is incomplete you will also lose points. If your work is 90%+ complete and you worked hard, I will give you full credit. If your work is 75% - 90% complete you will receive an 80 for the day. If your work is 50%-75% complete you will receive a 60. If your work is less than 50% complete you will receive a 40 for the day. Judging how much you have gotten done is at the teacher’s discretion.

    Contacting the Teacher

    Please notify me if you want to make an appointment. I will not interrupt class or disrupt

    any lessons to discuss your grades. You can reach me by email at:



    I will respond when I read your message.