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    Middle School Spanish Weights, Rubric & Discpline:


    Rubric for lost points:

    Students who stay on task and behave appropriately and respectfully will receive a 100 for the day. If the students’ work is incomplete they will lose points. If the students’ work is 90%+ complete and they showed effort I will give full credit. If the work is 75% - 90% complete they will receive an 80 for the day. If the work is 50%-75% complete they will receive a 60. If the work is less than 50% complete they will receive a 40 for the day. How much the student has completed is at the teacher’s discretion.

    Lost points for behavior:

    Every infraction will cost 10 points per day. 5 infractions will result in a failing grade for the day. The 1st 3 infractions = call home and a 70 for the day. After that, 3 infractions = morning detention.



    Infractions are being late to class without a valid excuse/note, any disruptions, hitting, unwanted touching/teasing, cheating, calling out after being told not to, refusal to do work, disrespectful behavior, having a phone out, chewing gum, eating or drinking in class, being inappropriate or loud, refusal to answer questions, defiance, and being out of one’s seat without permission. Infractions also include abusing bathroom or hall privileges by being loud, disruptive, wandering or taking too long without a valid excuse.



    Classwork and Participation: 60%

    Homework: 10%

    Performance Based Task/Projects, Quizzes and Tests: 30%


    High School Credit: (Spanish 1b) the Final Exam for this class will be applied to the cumulative score as if it were 20% of your grade. If you had a 100 in the class and you scored a 70 on the final exam your final grade would be a 94. (.70  * .2) +  4(.2)= 94.   If your child had an 80 in the class and scored a 70, their final grade would be a 78. (.70  * .2) + 4(.16) = 78.