• Important updates...



    I want to make sure that everyone is aware of a few notable items that need to be brought to your attention in regards to school policies.


    • I have spoken with all of Team A's students about the Dress Code policy in great detail. If you have any questions, please refer to the handbook (it is encouraged that you review the Student Code of Conduct handbook with your child to ensure that you are all aware of school policies)

      • Slides are permissible
      • Length of skirts, dresses, and shorts for all students must reach BELOW fingertips when arms are fully extended along their sides (leggings can be worn underneath to resolve this problem)
      • Leggings/jeggings/stretchy, skin-tight pants MUST be worn with a shirt or dress that meets the fingertip guideline as stated above
      • Distressed jeans are allowed, but if skin is visible through the material, leggings or tights must be worn underneath (if holes are above fingertip length)
      • Crop tops are NOT permitted unless worn with an undershirt (camisole or other tshirt)- crop tops are considered any top that rises above the belt line of your pants when arms are fully raised, exposing the midriff-- Please note: Students violating school dress code policies will be referred to administration. Infractions can and will result in 1) Written warning, 2) Call to parents for change of clothing, and/or 3) Removal from class with placement in In-School Suspension for the remainder of classes.
    • Administration is requesting that it also be brought to your attention that outside food is NOT allowed in the school cafeteria. If students are bringing outside food as part of their packed lunch, all branded food labels (fastfood/restaurants) must be removed. For example: a student may bring a Subway sandwich, but it must be taken out of the Subway paper wrap. 
      • You may not be aware, but "outside" food also pertains to cake, cupcakes, pizza, etc. Parents are not allowed to bring food into the cafeteria for celebrations. We know that this has been permitted in the past, but per county policy, we can no longer continue this at our school.

    Other pertinent information will be shared as the year progresses. For any questions or concerns, I can be contacted via email ( rosadng@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us) or through Remind (code: @rosado19). You can also contact our administration by calling our front office.



    Mrs. N. Rosado, M. Ed