Name: Ms. Ardis LaShawn Merriweather


    School Hours:9:00-4:00

     School Year 2020-2021


    Special Education and Resource Room:

    Special Education is team effort and as a teacher, I will help provide your student with instruction, positive reinforcement and assistance to help him/ her work at being successful in school. As a case Manager, I am part of a management team responsible for your student’s Special Education services and file. Services for a student are decided as a team, of which include parents, and specific guidelines. Files include documentation assistance in the classroom and paperwork completed to pass state and federal guidelines.

    I believe every student can be successful. Students success requires the help of more than one person, so I work closely with content area teachers, for completion of assignments and fulfilment of course work with expectations. The greatest emphasis of instruction will be toward the IEP goals.

    As your student’s teacher, I welcome all questions, comments, and suggestions anything to help better your child’s education. Special Education is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL,  I will not discuss your student outside the school setting and meetings will need to be scheduled as a team event, to include the student if so desired. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you.


       Students will follow the Richmond County curriculum but modified to fit their needs and ability. They also work towards IEP goals as created by the IEP team and agreed upon within the before mentioned team.

    Grades: The only areas I give grades, are for students who qualify for Alternative Placement( pull-out/ co- teach classes). These areas include Math Skills, ELA, Social Studies and Science.


    Homework will be sent home periodically

    Quizzes and Tests:

    Quizzes and test will be given at school, explained thoroughly and completed close monitoring by teacher.


    Grading Weight Scale:

    Homework- 5%






    Grading Scale:

    A=90-100/High Achievement

    B=80-89/ Above Average

    C=75-79/ Average

    D=70/74 Below Average

    F=69/ Below / Has not met expected Achievement