• Welcome To Homework!


    Both Webber's and Miller's homeroom for Math and Science will only have homework for iReady and Quizizz's.  The iReady Lessons will be on their "My Path"; this should only take each student about 20 minutes if they do one lesson a night.  Lastly, they will have two quizzes each week from Quizizz's.  In the Weekly Assignments will have the codes.  This is a review for them on what we are doing in class each and every day.


    1.  4 -- iReady Lessons -- the lessons should be 90% or higher, they need to take their time.

    They can get to iReady through their LaunchPad on their laptop or on my website:

    RCBOE -- LaunchPad

    2.  2 -- Quizizz's -- One is due on Wednesdays and one is due on Fridays -- They keep doing these until they achieve 80% or higher for each quiz that is assigned to them.

    They can get to Quizizz through this link or through weekly assignments:

    Join Quizizz

    Each student can go onto First In Math and Prodigy for Fluency.


    Thank you:

    Mrs. Miranda Webber