• Murphey Middle School 
    2020 - 2021
    Media and Technology Committee

    Dr. Deldra McCord, Media Specialist
    Dr. Justin Durham, Principal 
    Ms. Antonia Sowell, 8th Grade Teacher 
    Ms. Sonja Williams, 7th Grade Teacher 
    Ms. Chelsea Dean, 6th Grade Teacher
    Mrs. Tabitha Greene, Parent
    Mr. Anthony Sowell, Community Member

    Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl (HRRB)   

    The HRRB will be held in January 2021. We will have weekly book talks, which will include activities and games. This will allow us to read and practice each book before the competition. Click on "Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl" to view this year's booklist. The middle school list has a total of ten books. Sign up with Dr. McCord in the media center if you're interested!


    Combining Voices Literary Competition (Morris Museum)  

    Combining Voices is a special literary competition and tour opportunity designed for students in grades 4–12. The program encourages participants to respond visually and verbally to selected paintings from the Morris Museum's permanent collection. Each student must complete an entry form. Student authors will submit either a short story or poem inspired by a piece from the museum's permanent collection. Entries will be accepted August 2020  through March 2021. For more facts on this competition click the link below. https://www.themorris.org/?s=combining+voices+


    Georgia Student Media Festival

    Murphey students will participate in the Student Media Festival competition at the district level. The Media Specialist will collaborate with a CTAE Teacher to make sure students create and share projects that improves their ability to think and grow intellectually. Data will be collected from August until March from Mrs. Polite CTAE classes. All of the projects will be collected and submitted to the district competition. The Media Center will purchase flash drives, SD cards, CD's, and DVD's. 


    The Georgia Student Media Festival is an annual celebration of student produced media projects. "Student created media is a proven avenue to increasing student participation in the classroom learning environment. Georgia Performance Standards and ISTE Technology standards are met and surpassed in the exciting atmosphere of creativity cultivated through the use of student media projects. Future academic and employment opportunities increase in relationship to the rise in technological proficiency." www.gsmf.com 


    Media Center Student Volunteers

    Students are selected to assist in the media center. Duties include setting up equipment, deliveries to teachers, and shelving books. Students are expected to learn the Dewey Decimal system for correct shelving purposes. Students are also required to maintain passing grades in all academic core classes.