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    To be good at mathematics, students must learn to translate real-life situations to mathematical models and obtain solutions. To develop these skills, mathematical concepts will be taught with an emphasis on real-world application, technology, and 21st Century Skills (including creativity/innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision‐making) through cross-curricular interaction. Each student will demonstrate mastery of the standards covered in this course and explain their mathematical reasoning in a variety of representations. Questions like “How do you solve for the unknown?” “How do you graph a situation that you encounter in your own life?” and “How can I use math to make my life easier?” will be addressed throughout the course.

    Algebra 1 is a HIGH SCHOOL COURSE and you will earn a high school credit upon completion of the course. In Algebra 1 our topics include Linear Equations and Inequalities, and Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Functions. In May, there will be a state-created and state-scored Georgia Milestones End of Course Test, which will count as 20% of your overall average in this class. To meet promotion Richmond County promotion requirements, middle school students must earn at least a 70 average in mathematics for the year, and must pass the mathematics and English/Language Arts portions of the 8th Grade Georgia Milestones End of Grade Test. To remain at DFA, students must earn an overall yearly academic average of at least 75, and earn an overall passing score in each class taken.