• Teacher's 2019-2020 Motto:

    "Grow by taking ownership of your own learning even when no one is looking.  You will naturally become successful and a life long learner. 

    - Ms. Mack, Engineering, Drafting, and Technology Teacher, Technology Student Association/TSA Advisor



  • LEVEL UP to Professional HabitsEvery Wednesday is Wear-It-Wednesday at ARJ!!!

    3 Business Casual Categories

    Category 1.  Tops - Button downs, golf shirt, blouse (NO T'S WITHOUT A BLAZER OR SWEATER, NO DENIM, NO HOODIE, OR NO TRACK JACKET)

    Category 2.  Bottoms - black, khaki, blue, gray, or color dress pants (NO DENIM/JEANS, NO JOGGER, NO SWEATPANTS)

    Category 3.  Shoes - one/two-tone shoes in neutral colors/canvas/dri-fit stretch/leather shoe (NO MULTI-COLOR ATHLETIC/SPORTS SHOE)



pictured below: student participants in Ms. Mack's classes for Wear-It-Wednesday

5th Period Engineering Concepts' Student in their attire for WEAR-IT-Wednesday 11/20/19
Students in Survey of Engineering of Graphics participating in Wear-it-Wednesday on 11/1
Foundations of Engineering Technology Students for wear it wednesday
Introduction to Drafting and Design Students business casual for Wear-It-Wednesday on 11/6/19
On 11/6 students in 1st period pictured for Wear-It-Wednesday

  • LOG IN TO...... Google Classroom daily to review instructions and submission requirements!!!

Google classroom is used daily for all preps to access assignments, instructions, and grading/submission requirements.

  • !!!!Congrats to the Highest Averages for Q2 in:

    3D Modeling and Analysis - Alexandria Owens, Senior

    Intro to Drafting and Design - Carter Evans, Freshman

    Survey of Engineering Graphics - Adam Ennafil-Massa, Sophomore

    Foundations of Engineering - Nikkolus Campbell, Sophomore

    Engineering Concepts - Owen Cameron, Sophmore



    Use Google Classroom Daily for Assignments, Instructions, and Submissions. 





    • Late work must be turned in within 10 days of the original assignment date! (-5 Points per day deducted off the grade)


    • Makeup Work must be completed within 10 days of returning to school for excused/unexcused absences!!!


    • Q1 PPS Scores will be averaged with Q2 PPS!!! 


    • Use Google Classroom daily!!!




    Important Q3 Dates for ALL Preps!

    • Mandatory Wear-It-Wednesday counts for professionalism/participation grade (15%) - Every Wednseday through May!



    January - February:  Event Projects and Presentations on February 21st (individual and teams) 


    March - EOPA Review and/or Unit Book Studies


    April - Spring Portfolio Submissions that includes CAD Drawings, CAD Operator's Workshops, and Virtual Mentoring Lab Interviews


    May - Exam Reviews