• Mrs. Valarie Thomas


    Belair K-8


    Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and History, M.A. in Contract Administration and Acquisitions

    Social Studies Goals and Descriptions


    Student Assessment/ Grade Calculations


    40%-Summative Assessment / (tests, projects)- To be successful in this section the student will need to study on a nightly basis.

    30%- Formative Assessments (quizzes)- To be successful in this section the student will need to study and participate. Participation in class discussions and class assignments is proven to increase student understanding in social studies.

    20%- Notebook, notes, , classwork- To be successful in the section the student will need to take thorough notes, keep notes and work organized by the provided table of contents, complete and submit classwork on time, and pay attention to class lessons and discussions.

    10% homework/reinforcement- To be successful in this section the student complete homework on time and communicate any difficulties in the homework/reinforcement to the teacher.


    Textbook and Materials

    Textbook: Online textbook website: https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do Students may choose to check out a Social Studies textbook for the year or semester, but are not required by the teacher to do so. Students will access the textbook in class online with a student username and passcode that will be issued around the third week of school. Students not choosing to checkout a textbook must be able to access the online textbook for required assignments.



    • 2 composition books
    • Pens or pencils
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Highlighters
    • Earbuds or headphones
    • Loose leaf paper



    Absences/Makeup Work:


    If must miss class, check my website and Microsoft Teams for makeup work. Students who miss assignment and/or assessments due to an absence will be allowed to make up the missing work. If the work is not made up and submitted within 5 days, the score earned will be subject to late credit. IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REQUEST AND SUBMIT ALL MAKE UP WORK (including tests and quizzes) WITHIN 5 DAYS OF RETURNING TO SCHOOL. The student is also responsible for acquiring missed content while you are making up the assessment.


    Conferences/Teacher contact Information:

    Email is the best way for both parents and student to contact me with questions or concerns. My email address is thomava1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us. Conferences can be set up per request.


    Homework Policy

    Assigned homework has a purpose and that is to reinforce skills and concepts discussed in class. Therefore, it is an important part of this course. More details will follow.


    Quizzes and Tests

    Pop-Quizzes and quizzes will be given weekly. Students will be notified in advance if there is a quiz. Use the helpful resources on my webpage like video tutorials, Kahoot games, and PowerPoints. All assessments are diagnostics for the student, parent, and myself. Not doing well on a pop-quiz or quiz is a good indicator of how the student will perform on a test and is always correlated with how will the student engages in the classroom.


    Class Expectations

    • raise your hand and ask permission before getting out of your seat
    • one person speaks at a time
    • be prepared with supplies
    • no lockers during class
    • turn in homework on time
    • be respectful to others
    • no profanity or inappropriate words
    • You are responsible for getting your make-up work after an absence
    • only use devices when given permission.
    • only go on websites that you are given permission to visit.

    Class Dojo

    I’m requesting that both parents/guardians and students join Class Dojo. This will allow you to see your students behavior and allow me to remind you of upcoming tests and projects. Class Dojo login information will be given soon.

    For the quarantine students should be completing their Edgenuity courses. 

    7th grade will complete RCSS Grade 7 World Studies Distance Learning Modules in  Edgenuity

    8th grade will complete RCSS Grade 8 Georgia Studies Distance Learning Modules


    Contact me through email thomava1@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us or through Class Dojo. Email me if you'd like to be added to Class dojo. Thank you.