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    Georgia Studies  

    8th Grade  

    Mrs. Gaynelle Dicks

    Course Syllabus and Objective 2022-2023  

    8th Grade Georgia Studies 

    In eighth grade, students study Georgia geography, history, government, and economics. While the  four strands are interwoven, ample opportunity is also provided for in-depth study of the geography  of Georgia and the government of Georgia. U.S. historical events are included, as appropriate, to  ensure students understand Georgia’s role in the history of the United States.  

    Georgia Studies:  

    Unit 1: Geography of Georgia to Colonization  

    Unit 2: Statehood, Civil War, Recon. A New South  

    Unit 3: The 20th Century: WWI through Post WWII  

    Unit 4: Civil Rights to Modern Georgia  

    Unit 5: Personal Finance  


    Grade 8  Clairmont Press- Georgia Studies- Grade 8   * online textbook access will be available from teacher

    Major Course Projects and Instructional Activities  

    At the teacher’s discretion, at least one project will be assigned each 9-week grading period. This will be an  extension or enrichment of the concepts discussed. Students will have adequate time to complete each project  depending on the complexity of the task.  

    Course Assessment Plan 

    Students will receive a variety of assignments designed to enhance their learning. If a student is absent, the  student is responsible for the missed assignment. Students who have an excused absence will be allowed five  days to turn in the missed assignment. No work will be accepted after five days. 

    Evaluation (School wide Grading Policy)  

    • Minor Grades = 60% Examples include quizzes, labs, and other graded assignments to assess certain standards in a unit of study

    . Minimum number of minor grades per 6-week progress report period = 5

    • Major Grades = 40% Examples include unit tests, essays, research papers, project-based assignments, and other culminating assessments to measure mastery of standards that comprise a unit of study.

     Minimum number of major grades per 6-week progress report period = 2

    Grading Policy  

     A (100-90) B (89-80) C (79-75) D (74-70) F (69-0)  Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s grades using the district Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Please contact the front office for more information 706-737-7288.  

    Classroom Expectations  

    1. Students are expected to be ready to learn when they come to class. This means being on time, preparing materials and assignments.  
    2. Students are expected to be respectful of other students, all adults, and their environment.  3. Students are expected to be responsible for their own actions, attitudes, and behavior.  4. Students will receive quizzes and tests/final exam. Written homework may not be assigned nightly. However,  students are expected to review and study materials that we have covered during class. This will help keep them  knowledgeable of the content.  
    3. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to obtain missed notes and assignments.  6. Students should take part in class discussions and be respectful of other’s opinions.  7. Students are required to follow all class rules, directions and instructions at all times. *** Students are  expected to follow all school rules as found in the RCBOE Student Handbook. Violations will be handled per  school policy. Cell phones are allowed only when approved by teachers for BYOT. Phones used in violation of  policy will be handled per policy. 

    Discipline Policy:  

    Students are expected to follow the classroom and school behavioral guidelines. In the event that disciplinary  action is administered, the discipline policy outlined in the Student Handbook will be followed.  

    Extra Credit: (Georgia Studies) 

    Extra Credit will be allowed upon teacher's discretion  

    Course Materials 

    * 1 Small notebook used as agenda *Dividers (4-8 Total)  

    * 2 Composition Notebooks * Pens (black or blue pens, pencils) No Mechanical Pencils * 1 pack of Highlighters * Colored pencils or markers  

    * Donations appreciated for the following (optional)  

    * Kleenex * Glue Sticks  

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    Front office: 706-737-7288  

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