• What We are Learning

    This Week: 10 Feb. 2020


    • 3.NF.3 - Write whole numbers as fractions.
    • 3.NF.3- Write fractions for sets. 


    • Students will be able to convert improper fractions to whole numbers.
    • Students will be able to convert whole numbers to fractions.
    • Students will be able to find fractions of a set.

    Last Week: 3 Feb. 2020


    • 3.NF.3 - Compare and order fractions by reasoning about their size. 


    • Students will be able to tell whether a fraction is closer to 0, 1/2, or 1.
    • Students will be able to compare fractions with the same numerator.
    • Students will be able to compare fractions with the same denominator.
    • Students will be able to compare and order fractions with different numerators and denominators.


    Earlier this Unit: 27 Jan 2020


    • 3.NF.3 - Explain equivalence of fractions. 


    • Students will be able to understand equivalent fractions.
    • Students will be able to model equivalet fractions using visual models and numberlines.
    • Students will be able to name equivalent fractions when given a fraction.



    Fractions on a Number line

    Equivalent Fractions

    Equivalent Fractions Song

  • Problem Solving Strategy

    This is the plan we use in class.

    1.  Circle the question - we need to understand what we are trying to find out.

    2.  Underline important information - not just the numbers, we have to know why these numbers are important so this means words too.

    3.  Choose a strategy

    • equation
    • picture
    • number line

    4.  Check - "Does my answer make sense?"


    Here are some examples of what we do in class.

    Examples of addition and subtraction word problems in 3rd grade

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