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    The One-Pager is an AVID Instructional Strategy utilized for responding to a wide variety of learning experiences such as reading, or topics from a unit of study. It combines visual and textual elementas that represent the student's processing and thoughtful response to their learning experience. 

    One-Pager Guidelines

    One-Pager Rubric  

    Extensions to One-Pager:

    Teachers may display one-pagers throughout the room and have students complete a gallery walk as a learning experience to see how others represented a specific topic or reading. Students can also complete one-pagers electronically using Canva, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word.

    Click HERE for Science Example

    Click HERE for Math Example 



Science Cell One-Pager
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  • Teachers if you have any student examples you would like us to showcase on the website, please submit your photos to Ms. Addison. Thank you!

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