• Our STEM Mission

    A.D. Hains Elementary Science Technology Engineering Math Magnet School is committed to providing the highest quality education that allows ALL students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential as confident, lifelong learners and productive responsible citizens.


    STEM is an acronym standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is an interdisciplinary approach to education. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on the real-world.

    The purpose of the STEM Magnet program here at A.D. Hains Elementary School is to actively engage young students with the Engineering Design Process with high levels of math and science instruction that is applied through problem-based learning in a student-centered environment.

    Students as young as kindergarten are being introduced to engineering design challenges that begin to prepare them for the critical thinking processes needed in many STEM fields and 21st-century careers.

    Through this strong focus on the engineering design process with math and science curriculum integrated, our students are preparing to compete in a global society and will be exposed to those skillsets necessary.

    Our STEM Vision

    A. Dorothy Hains Elementary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Magnet School community strives to provide ALL students with the foundation necessary for success in middle school, high school, postsecondary and any future endeavors.

    One of our MAJOR goals is to become the first Georgia STEM Certified school in Richmond County. The Georgia STEM Certification is a rigorous process in which representatives from the Georgia STEM Department come in and work with the schools to provide certain criteria.



    • Transform and revitalize the teaching and learning of science of mathematics in grades K-5 by purposely integrating science and mathematics with technology and engineering.
    • Increase the number of highly qualified and effective STEM teachers at A.D.Hains Elementary to continuously support and develop them through on-going professional developments.
    • Expand STEM learning opportunities and performance expectations for the A.D. Hains Elementary school students.
    • Significantly increase the number of students mastering and exceeding the end of grade tests in all areas, and to pursue STEM-related careers in the future.
    • Cultivate partnerships with the community and corporate partners to offer internships and other real-world learning experiences to our students.


    STEM Learning Strategy

    The STEM Learning Strategy outlines the specific strategies planned to achieve STEM Goals and address related needs. It establishes a common vision and pathway for effective research-based STEM teaching and learning.


    Completely researched-based projects as a foundation to build curriculum aligned to the Science and Math Common Core standards and curriculum of the RCK12 county curriculum, as well as, support the practices in science, math, and technology to build a digital library of curriculum resources.  Focus standards to concentrate on are determined based on data and needs improvement and advancement accommodation.


    Provide instructional models, professional development, and coaching, especially in the areas of implementation rigorous and relevant learning experiences, scientific inquiry, mathematical practices, and engineering through the use of the engineering design process.


    Develop STEM-focused rubrics and provide coaching in creating authentic assessments and using data to inform instruction.


    Work with community and teachers to strengthen teachers, mentor students, and provide real-world learning experiences.


    Ensure exposure and pursuit of alternate certification paths as well as incentives to support, attract, train, and keep effective STEM teachers.