• 2019 - 2020 Professional Learnings and Collaborative Plannings



    Professional Learning: 





    2 - Aug

    AVID Roll Out - August Strategy of the Month

    Room 138

    AVID Team

    2 - Aug

    Classroom Instructional Tools

    Room 138

    Instructional Coaches

    2 - Aug

    Write 2 Win Training

    Room 138

    Ms. Bailey and Mrs. A. Williams

    3 - Aug

    Engaging Students with Instructional Technology: Quizlet Live and Plickers

    Room 138

    Instructional Coaches

    15 - Aug

    Teacher Webpages

    Team Planning

    Peter Bradley

    27 - Aug

    I-Ready Trainning

    Team Planning

    Instructional Coaches

    29- Aug

    Write 2 Win Training 

    Team Planning

    Dr. Taylor Combs



    12 - Sept

    Write 2 Win Training  Team Planning Dr. Taylor Combs

    18 - Sept

    AVID September Strategy of the Month Room 138 AVID Coordinator

    18 - Sept

    Lesson Planning  Room 139 Mrs. Harris

    18 - Sept 

    Backwards Design: Creating Rigourous Assessments  Room 138 Instructional Coaches

    26 - Sept

    Sketch to Stretch and Flexible Grouping Team Planning Dr. Stacey Pettit



    8 - Oct

    Utilizing Data to Inform Instruction & Creating Small Groups Team Planning Instructional Coaches

    8 - Oct

    AU Literacy Partnership  Team Planning Dr. Petit

    9 - Oct

    Utilizing Data PART 2 Team Planning Instructional Coaches

    10 - Oct

    Barnes and Nobles Media Center Dr. McCrod

    10 - Oct

    October AVID/ Reading Strategy of the Month Virtual Instructional Coaches

      24 - Oct

    Discovery Education Media Center

    Dr. McCord



    5- Nov

    Planning Assessments Team Planning Ms. Bailey

    12 - Nov

    Part I: High Needs Assessment Team Planning Instructional Coaches

    14 - Nov

    Part II: Collaborative Planning High Needs Assessment Team Planning Instructional Coaches

    21 - Nov

    Utilizing GaDOE's Four Critical Questions to Drive Collab Team Planning Instructional Coaches



    3- Dec

    Collaborative Planning: Teachers utilize Four Critical Questions and Review CCRP Data Team Planning  Instructional Coaches
    12 - Dec       
    6 - Jan Professional Learning Agenda    
      Tech Tools that are Cool for School  Room 131 P. Bradley
      Utilizing Lexile Scores & Classroom Libraries to Increase Literacy  Room 138 Ms. Bailey
      Going Deeper with PBIS Room 139 Mr. Prescott
      System 44 Training Room 130 Mrs. Hendley
      Effective Classroom Management  Room 131 Mrs. Duggan
      Edgenuity and Grade Recovery Room 136 Ms. Addison
      Interdisciplinary Novel Study Room 145 Dr. Pettit
      Interventions and Behavior Plans for SWD Room 162 Ms. Casanova
      Numeracy Talks Room 224 Mrs. Williams 
    9- Jan (1) Success Criteria (All Teachers) Team Planning Instructional Coaches
      (2) I have Benchmark Data ... Now What? (Math, ELA, all 8th Grade)    
    16 - Jan

    Implementing Literacy Strategies - Part I 

    AVID Strategy of the Month 

     Team Planning  Instructional Coaches
    23 - Jan ELA Teachers ONLY: Writing Calibration  Team Planning    DeAndre Hall 
    6 Implementing Guided Reading in Instruction/ Teacher Data Presentations Team Planning Literacy Insturctional Coach
    14 District Wide PL  Various Various
    20 Implementing Literacy Strategies - Part II Team Planning Instructional Coaches 
    27 Small Group Instruction  Team Planning  Instructional Coaches 
    2  Present Teacher Data Presentations  Team Planning  
    4 Present Teacher Data Presentations Team Planning   
    11 ELA: Writing on Demand & Paired Texts Team Planning Dr. Warren Combs